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I'd like to build a carriage stop.

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    Material Choices

    Stuart: My first choice would be 7075-T6 Aluminum because I have it and I like working with it. 416 Stainless or 12L14 would be next. Plane Jane hot rolled 1018 will work fine it is just harder to finish.
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      i built this to indicate travel but use it mostly as a quick stop. easy to adjust and no tools.


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        Closing off carriage stop thread.

        Hi guys:

        I finally made the carriage stop I asked you all about back in December of last year.
        I like to close off threads just so you know I really am listening.

        I mostly stole 'J Tiers' design and made it wider as he suggested.
        The big Aluminum part turned out quite well. I'm very happy with how square it seems to be as well as how nicely the finish came out. I bought a boring head to make the pocket for the dial indicator and couldn't get boring bars for it so the cutter was ground from 1/4" HSS and mounted in a holder I also milled. I was a bit apprehensive about how it would cut but the finish tells the story.
        For now, I can put a 3/8" bar in to make it a hard stop. Maybe I should modify one of those $10 micrometers to make it adjustable!

        The machinery is Chicom but the cutters were all made in the USA.

        Cutter holder.

        Carriage Stop.
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          Looks good...

          As for the mic, I made the one in the pics.... I very carefully threaded 1/4-20 TPI and got a very close fit on the spindle to stem thread clearances. Would have done larger, but I wanted it to be interchangeable with an indicator stem.
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