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Sucess after 2 years!

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  • Sucess after 2 years!

    Hard to believe I bought my Bridgeport cnc mill 2 years ago! Where does time go? The good news is the mill is up and running.I think there were tears of happiness running down my cheek today.Well I hope they were happy tears and not tears of what this project cost me!! Kidding. : )

    Once I figure out how to draw and program I will be doing the nana dance myself!

    Just want to thank EVERYONE.This would have never happened without all the people on the net to offer help and advice.

    Big Thanks. Jim

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    Please post some pictures of the mill. What drawing program do you have?
    Where are you located? If you are near Seattle WA and would like to spend a day in my shop learning basic CNC set up and programming your welcome to come by.
    Mark Hockett


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      Hi Mark.
      Dont have any picked out yet. I have played with a few.A complete newbee for sure. I would love to go to nite school and get some help but I travel 100% for my job so it is hard to stick at anything and focus.That is why the mill took so long to update.I would work on it and be gone a couple months then forget what I thought I thought I learned. Hell getting old..
      Would love to take you up on your generous offer but I think that is a 14 or so hr flight.Yuc...Thanks anyway. Anyone in NE ohio that would let me be a fly on the wall for a day or so let me know.Heck I would hire someone to come and go over some stuff with me.
      Will take a pic today..



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        You should be able to have some fun with it now.


        Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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          What kind of operating system does it run ?


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            I am hoping Bob..

            It is running on Mach 3 uncle..

            Here is a couple pics.

            The last pic shows my new switched and the new Kelling stepper mounted upside down from original.

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              still need to do something with the computer.


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                Looks just about like my old one, just a lot cleaner. You should have fun with it. How quiet is the head? They have a tendency for the face gear/bastard lovejoy connector in the heads to rattle (test it by running it fast and then wiggling the high/low selector on the head). They still work even when noisy, but will try to chase you out of the shop.

                I use a combo of Viacad for drawing (cheap with terrific tutorials) and mostly VisualMill for the cam side, though I find myself drawing with it a lot too.


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                  The head is pretty quiet. There are soooo many drawing programs out there.I have solid edge from Siemens. It looks to be loaded but is too difficult to get it.
                  My patience is poor. Well that would be understated. I try a few times and get pissed off....things just dont click.

                  I will check out Viacad.


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                    Very nice! Congrats.


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                      Very Nice mill

                      You say you travel a lot. Sitting in a plane is a perfect time to practice with a CADCAM program on a laptop

                      Good Luck

                      If your travels ever bring you by the Sacramento area I have a pearch on the wall for ya