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  • Camelback Straight Edge

    I'll trade ya 15 or so brand-new 5/8" HSS "ATM" taper shank drill bits for a camelback straightedge...

    Seriously, if anyone has any leads on a camelback straight edge, let me know! I don't mind re-scraping it if neccessary, but I'd like to find a couple. Maybe an 18" and a long one - 48" or 60" or something...

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    There's a fella over on PM that is selling fresh cast 18" versions. I bought one and have started scraping it. It's a damn nice casting.


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      4 feet

      Not 48" - just 4 feet.

      Elephant size:


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        Hey DP - would you mind giving me his name/username? I might drop some cash on one... I also need a larger surface plate. Mine is 18" exactly but, as Mcgyver predicted way back when, I now find I need a surface plate better suited to my large machines ...


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          Here's the link:


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            Even though I've got a 48" camelback straightedge, when I scraped the "Wreck's" bed in this topic,
            I made a new 48"er from a piece of 1 or 1-1/4" X 2" X 48" Meehanite. The camelback was very unreliable in spotting the very narrow faced V ways of the bed, and I felt a much shorter height SE would be easier to manipulate. It is very hard to determine that the SE is resting flat on a very narrow face when held at an angle. I used the camelback when I did the 12"CK in '03 in the "Reconditioning a Lathe-Revisted" article in HSM, and that was where I found the difficulties. The inside V ways on a 10EE are only about 3/8" wide and 60" long, now imagine trying to spot that with a 48" camelback, it's virtually impossible. I needed something more manageable, and the Meehanite SE was the answer, and it was still difficult to use.
            When I had to rework the inside face of the front V way on the SE 60,
            I chose to use the Meehanite SE, again because it was easier to manipulate, and that face is about 1" wide X 108" long approx.
            I can hear the comments about the temperature sensitivity issues, but I didn't find that to be much of an issue.
            A 24" X 36" surface plate would be a good size to look for. Personnally, I would look for one in your own backyard, as freight is going to be a killer. I got lucky with one phone call, and for 50.00 the seller delivered.