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    Hey guys, this might sounds crazy, but i've been intrigued with the idea of flying brooms ever since i saw the "harry potter" movie with my son. I know it sounds crazy and farfetched, but i think it would be a really fun project to work on, as i just finished my last one. I need help with this, so if you have any idea, or thoughts, email me at [email protected] , i had the idea to put some sort of thruster engine (with fast rpm) to creat a thrust to propell the broom foward. I wont exactly use wood, probably metal tubing. I would also need thrusters, (fans of some sort to give a thrust) under the broom to create a "hover" affect. I kno this sounds crazy, but if you have any ideas, please let me know. I'm probably not as experienced as most of you, but i'm determined to get this done. All help would be greatly appreciated! THANX!!!!

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    Personally, I'd lay off the mescaline. I prefer Wild turkey.

    Be real hard to make your ideal work in the real world with out drugs. Not a very stable platform. Perhaps some high tensile strength fishing line? about four or five strands should lift you.

    I have tried some wild things too. I did some tricks with a tesla coil I still laugh about.



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      Have a look in some of the older back issues of various model airplane magazines. A regular item is flying lawnmowers.
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        Machinists and rocket science. You might want to call NASA, or maybe that dude that played the mad doctor in Back to the future.
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          i guess i'm wondering is this a flying broom for YOU to ride on, or a Radio Control model?

          if it's for a live human, your best bet would be to look into that rocket pack that someone built (cool idea, but only about 30 seconds flight time).

          if it's for a RC model then you have a lot of options. depending on how you design the broomstick, you could probably fit a decent size ducted fan engine in it. that's what is used in the RC jets. electronic heading hold gyros are under $100 now, so you would just need to rig up some control surfaces to keep the broom steady. i'm not saying this would be a simple project, but it is certainly doable.

          andy b.
          The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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            Forget the broom, and relax on Delta.........


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              Well, yes, i agree with some of your statements, and i also agree that my proposal probably seems quite silly. But i am determined to do it. I am talking about an actual broom (metal broom at that) that could support me. There's the problem of making it stable. But why couldn't an engine with a drive shaft of a high rpm creat enough thrust to carry my body weight and my machine in the air? They're some machines (jetpacks) already built with this theory. With high powered thrusters(fans) that could support the weight with some 5,000 rpm to power it. Couldn't i just attach a thruster on the back, and like 3 on the bottom to stabalize it, and if i need to, wings? I mean, i agree that this is a far fetched project, but i really am interested in this, as no one has tried this before. Please give this concept some thought people, i am really hoping on somehow creating this. I really would like to know how to make it stable, if i can. What kind of motor should i use? How should i attatch it? PLEASE HELP ME! thanx for your support guys, i appreciate it. ( i was thinking maybe use a hovercraft thrust engine for the main thrust engine? and maybe 3 smaller powered engines(fans/thrusters) for the hovering effect underneath. And possibly wings? Also, do you guys think i would just be better off buying one of those small build it yourself airplane kit/plans? They're kinda like hang-glides, yet they have and engine and propellers? If you guys have any information on any of this.... please please plllleeeeaseee let me know! thanx a ton!


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                I keep seeing this Wile Coyote image come to mind. Swoooooosh.....BAM!


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                  You're a nut. You need to learn why it isn't going to happen though. All you have to do is educate yourself. There isn't very much on any basic aircraft that you can easily do without. Everything you need to make it work doesn't exist. It’s a great fantasy though. You'd be well advised to work on something that you can succeed with. Do some experiments on thrust to weight ratios. Here's one that you might be interested in. If you compare the energy consumption of a thrust system that accelerates a large volume of air but a relatively low acceleration to a system like a jet that accelerates a relatively low volume to a high velocity, you will find the energy consumed is related to the square of the induced slipstream velocity. The noise level is also unbelievably loud with jets. Play with Ramjets for a while or fire yourself out of a cannon with a broom between your legs.
                  That you could do.



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                    Lay off the mind altering stuff for a day or three and reconsider your plans. I presume that you know that flubber isn't actually real?
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                      Hmmm. Some explanation, assuming you’re serious. You need way too much information for anyone to reasonably give, and it would not further your project. The education would serve you well though.
                      It has not been done because it CANNOT be done. This is very obvious even to the casual non-expert. There is a big difference between picturing/fantasizing in your head, and inventing or building a successful project. You have to understand how things work, and what you have to work with, to build things. Spence points out that none of the things you need to build this exist in the real world, nor are they likely to in the foreseeable future. Your size restriction is impossible to overcome. The fuel tank alone would exceed your available space. If your broom were giant, and didn't really have to look like a broom, then maybe, but that would be a project for Lockheed with the budget to match. You have no motors for lift or thrust, (hovercraft motors are big, and you need 2), and stability would be very difficult at best. Small wings hold very small loads, and you don't run to home depot and get thrusters to "just attach". And on, and on… No point in going into any safety issues, Darwinism will care of that for us. You could possibly build an R/C broom as Andy said. It would however, be complex. In fact, it probably has been done already by one of the many intelligent people on the planet. Do some research.
                      Your grammar and spelling are top-notch though. Good luck.

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                        What about a Sidewinder missle? Just add bristles.


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                          There were some pepole some years back in Seattle that had a project called Space Ranger. It was a flying platform that used propane powered pulse jet engines for lift and then the "Pilot" would just lean in the direction he wanted to travel. It didn't "Get off the ground". Oh ya, it would fly but extremely noisy with four pulse jets and unstable. The FAA didn't like it because there was no room for error. You have an engine fail and it drops like a rock. You lean a little too far over center - well you've seen what happens when you blow up a balloon and then release it. That's what a rocket powered broom is going to do unless you can find some way to stablize it. The military spends millions of dollars on guidance systems for rockets and missles just to get them to a target so they can blow up - no passenger.



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                            Come one guys, think of the possibilities..

                            You create a pressured cylinder, fill it with gas. Hire the space shuttle to take you into space, put on space suit. Straddle broom and fly off..

                            At least you would be famous for a minute or two. Lots of people want to be famous.

                            I liked the flying wire routine. The Non-chalance at which Hollywood corrupts the minds of developing engineers with special effects. Wonders of BLUE screen.

                            When anti-gravity is developed it is viable.

                            Start your research, you have my two cents to finance with.



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                              Think of the possibilities... Our Friendly Govt has given out large chunks of $$ to study nutier ideas - and funded some prototypes. One nutty idea was the concrete spacecraft (!!) that shoved nuclear bombs out its bum, set them off, and then rode the shockwave around the solar system. Yeah, I know, the protoype worked and they learned a lot. Still a nutty idea.

                              So if the idea is nutty enough, go for gov't funding. Spend your own money on it and you are a crank. Spend the Govt's money on it and you are a professor.