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  • Rigging

    I have time for this last post before my next 24 on so here goes.
    I have seem several questions about the best way to move our larger toys on this board. It seems that there is no one best method other than hiring a Rigger to do it for you. I have only used that for those long distance out of state finds. The thing that has helped me the most along with a healthy desire to stay in one piece, is a little yellow book from Evans neck of the woods. "Handbook For Riggers" by Newberry Investments Co. LTD. It shows you the proper way to use and inspect all types of ropes and slings ,as well as the proper method to rig sheeves so your wife can move that weight while you guide it to its new home. There are also several useful tables and other misc. data that can be used in the shop for getting that heavy/bulky casting up onto your mill or into your lathe(for those of us with 13x40 and up toys). I got my copy at an auction at one of the GE sites in Philadelphia several years ago and it has been very informative to me not just for my shop use but also for my use in the fire service. If you write to Newberry at this address they will tell you how to get one.
    Newberry Investments Co. LTD.
    P.O.Box 2999
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2M7
    I hope this helps someone. No matter how you do your rigging BE SAFE.

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    And for those in the Los Angeles California area...the Los Angeles County Library has a copy in circulation. Good read, but the copy was a tad old. Do riggers still use Manila ropes?


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      I had rigging class at a nuclear plant.

      Really all common sense. Metal Slings were to be inspected before each use. Nylon slings were subject to inspection really well.

      I have the books somewhere. I guess someone who does not hook items up to lift regular like would be interested in such a book.

      Watching someone lose a finger or turning over a load teaches you a lot. Scares you so bad you pay real good attention.