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Rented a LARGE building, going PRO, any suggestions?

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    DR and Billr : Check out
    it sounds as though you could use a laugh


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      All the best to you Gypsie, sounds like you've got a full plate!

      Thanks for the kind words.


      p.s., I love Mario's inks.....pricey though.


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        I have POUNDS of the old dry National inks. Ya need any.. I bought it years ago and sold it with a shop. My old partner bought it back without my knowing. He always wanted to start a tattoo supply business.

        SOmething about selling needles to people I know are not going to sterilize them. I have hesitations.. I guess I should just go after the dollar.



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          Good Luck!! Save a little room for a massage parlor and then you will have it all.


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            David, your instincts sound right on....there are enough scab merchants out there because of unethical supply houses who chase a buck.

            As far as the ink goes, I heard the best way to mix ink is to get a blender, rent a motel room, and remove everything but your underwear before entering and mixing up a way to keep from making a huge mess.....thank you anyway....but I'm on my second marriage as it is and my wife ain't too keen on my lack of tidy-ness now LOL!




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              Now that idea I like! If I'm ever down your way again, I may just stop in for a tat and a chat. Good luck, brother!

              IBEW Local 2034
              Manitoba Canada

              [QUOTE]Originally posted by ibewgypsie:

              Any suggestions other than bikini clad saleswomen? (*we might)


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                All the success in the world to you my brother - just don't turn cranky like Paul Sr. on "American Chopper"


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                  I still got the million dollar tongue. I start talking friendly like, they stall out and talk a while. (first rule in sales, keep them talking till you got them hooked)

                  Being a nice guy who is helpful keeps them interested. I even got the guy who plugged in the electric meter coming back. When we get the coke machine loaded with beer, well now..

                  Clipping cars, the going rate is $1200 labor? Someone help me here..

                  I can do one in a day. And I have this flat concrete floor now. Two plasma cutters, and several welders.

                  WHEN I drink for several days, I got PAUL SR beat all to heck. The indian blood boils to the surface and "instant asshole". I have not done any POWER drinking for a few years now. I drink wild turkey and chase it with beer and I am OUT of it in about ten shots.

                  Cheers, I'll have a shot for all of us.

                  Union brother, come on down, I did a IBEW bug on someone just a day or so ago.


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                    New deal.. got people hanging around wanting to learn about old cars, wanting tattoo work.. THE barter system is alive and well in Northern georgia...

                    Trading tattoo work for labor.. giving sheets of sand paper and rubbing block...

                    Works out great for me.. My hands stay clean.. My back don't hurt near as much..

                    WHoo hoo..


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