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advise on dealing with possible problem with Grizzly.

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  • advise on dealing with possible problem with Grizzly.

    sometimes i go a little overboard and over react when i shouldn't. so i am bouncing this off you guys to see what you think.

    this summer i purchased a g0559 mill at the tent sale. the mill was stripped and in crates and the tag said "Returned due to head noise in VS. Parts removed from knee drive and electronics." of course these sales are "as is". i talked to the grizzly rep in the tent and he stated that the mill had been purchased by a shop and when they were running it in it made a lot of noise in the head so they tore the head apart. he didn't explain why but said grizzly took it back because they were a good customer. he stated that grizzly removed the knee parts and some of the electronics for parts. we dug thru the boxes and he showed me the quill, which i was worried about and it looked good and was very smooth. we also talked to the parts guys and the parts that were missing would be affordable and easy to get.

    so now i have it home and winter has set in. first thing i notice while cleaning parts is that i have a lot of parts. there are two VS adjustment panels. both different. i have an upper and middle housing from a smaller head. nervously i check the quill. its way to small for this head and is R8 not cat 40. so after a little research i find i have about 90% of a G0559 head and 25% of a G9903 head and a few parts i can't id. the whole G0559 quill is missing $$$.

    i have a lot of grizzly wood working machines and a few metal tools also and have had good luck with them and good customer service. but this kind of gets under my skin. grizzly reverts to the disclaimer "as is". i have a friend who is an attorney and he said it probably wouldn't hold up in court because they had stated what was missing thereby stating what wasn't and also it looked suspicious when the missing parts are replaced with different items to make it appear that they were there.

    my thought is to send a letter to Grizzly and politely ask that they at least make an attempt to help me with this. but also state that i am willing to push it further if required. or should i just stick with nice now and save the mention of legal action for later? or should i just accept the "as is" and go on with life?

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    It's not clear from your post... did you already ask Grizzly and they're sticking with the "As Is" disclaimer?


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      Well, if you have 90% of the head, Maybe you could tell them you'd be willing to buy the parts if they are not excessively expensive and all avilable...

      Businesses may be more forthcomming if they can smell some money in it for them
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        First of all, you should write or call Grizzly to explain your situation and see what they will do. Maybe they will help and maybe not. Throwing out the threat of legal action at the start of a discussion probably won't help.

        But I have to ask why you think Grizzly is at fault when it was clearly marked "as is". Did they intentionally hide something from you? I'm not sure that I understand why they are at fault when it sounds like you had every opportunity to look at the quill to determine that it wasn't what you wanted and/or look at the parts.

        If Grizzly isn't truly at fault, then mark this down as one of life's learing experiences.


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          Buying 'as-is' is one thing. Buying 'as-is' and getting a box of 'something that isn't what I was told I was buying' is quite another.

          I'd call Grizzly and have a chat. Chances are they'll meet you in the middle. It would only be good business.


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            You haven't said anything I would call overboard yet.

            My suggestion: be polite, try to work with Grizzly about the parts that are missing. Give them a chance and see what they have to say. You may be surprised. Wait on any mention of legal recourse for now.

            I interpret "As is" to mean "broke or working, you're looking at it." I'd apply that to any used piece of equipment. That's my experience talking and it's worth exactly what you're paying for it. Have you made contact with them already about the problems?


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              I would be polite in approaching them, but I fear you may have trouble getting them to give you additional parts. Depending upon the nature of any paperwork, they may have made it clear to you that there were no warranties as to completeness, suitability for a purpose or further assurances regarding missing parts.

              The situation is made rather awkward since it's likely that Grizzly or their agent may see your post here.

              Good luck.


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                "AS-IS" means "AS-IS". And you had a chance to examine and touch everything you were buying. You knew you had to purchase missing parts. It won't hurt to ask Grizzly, politely, if they can help you out on purchasing the other missing parts. You probably got a pretty good deal on what you paid already. If you take it much further--i.e. lawyers, courts,etc..., let's just say you wouldn't want me on the jury.


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                  As people have said, start out nice..ask your questions in a way that says you are looking for help, can you help.. Most people have an innate desire to help nice people...Most people have an innate desire to not help assholes....don't start out as an asshole...

                  I have spent 15yrs getting people to do things they didn't want to or plan to by being nice and persuasive.


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                    Give them a call and see what they can do,maybe remind them that you own a bunch of they're stuff.

                    If any piece of paper from the sale has "As is where is" on it forget legal action or even the threat there of since there isn't a thing you can do at that point.

                    Have you checked the parts prices yet they may not be too bad.
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                      If the parts from the G9903 mill appear to be in new condition, then you may have success offering to return them for a credit towards the G0559 parts you need.

                      It never hurts to ask.... nicely.


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                        Yes, as is means that, as is and are you really willing to pay a lawyer to fight it in court when you could probably buy two new mills for what the court costs will be? Of course a lawyer will tell you he can fight it on your money even knowing he may loose.

                        There is a point at which you have to reason this out and say, "Hmmm, I screwed up and didn't look at it more. I wonder if they will sell me parts at a discount and or swap some parts which they can sell to another sucker, I mean buyer at the next tent sale".

                        My advise/opinion is call the service dept and try to work out a deal without ever mentioning your going to take them to court or have even talked to a lawyer.
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                          It seems to me at the point of sale , you could well argue that you were lulled into a false sense of security re this machine by their sales representative.You were buying virtually blind and had no more to go on than the sales reps representation which persuaded you to buy.That representation seems after the point of sale to be misleading whether intentionally or otherwise you have not bought what you were promised and as such the grizzly company would be well advised to help put this at least partially to right,I.E supply at least the parts you thought you were having inclusive with the purchase .So I advise you to be firm yet polite and explain to them exactly what you have to us.It seems that you have been sold less than the bargain you had been led to believe.For all the salesman knows the original purchaser may have removed more than he was aware off good luck I say you were not treated fairly by grizzly on account of false representation of the article you purchased good luck I hope they see sense and sort the matter out for you.Happy new year otherwise.Alistair
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                            My course of action would be determined by how much I paid. Was it discounted 25% or 75%.

                            If the price was closer to 25% discount I would go after them, calmly at first. Adding unrelated parts is hardly "as-is" IMO.

                            At this point they have more to lose in terms of public relations.

                            Grizzly seems to have a very good reputation of trying to satisfy customer problems. To their credit they've come a long way over the years. Close to twenty years ago I bought a mag base shop light from them. The goose neck broke the first time I used it. I tried to get a replacement, nope, it was beyond their 30 day warranty even though the product was clearly defective out of the box. Apparently, they've come to realize their former attitude costs them far more in the long run than simply helping a customer with a valid complaint.


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                              Originally posted by Roy Andrews
                              we dug thru the boxes and he showed me the quill, which i was worried about and it looked good and was very smooth.
                              nervously i check the quill. its way to small for this head and is R8 not cat 40.
                              -So you looked directly at the quill, which by your description of "smooth" I'm assuming it still had the spindle in it. You looked at it and you spun the spindle by hand to see how smooth the bearings were... but didn't notice that it was R8 instead of Cat 40, which is not, as they say, a subtle difference.

                              No offense, sir, but how is this Grizzly's fault?

                              The box was not sealed, it was not a "pig in a poke", you did not buy it sight unseen. You obviously had a chance to look, to test, to try, to feel. At what point did Grizzly try to mislead you or conceal something from you?

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