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  • Refreshing!

    I have been following the board for a while, and after finally posting a question on trueing a lathe chuck of mine... I must say thanks, I have read a little lite hearted ribbing from time to time, but NO full blown cyber attacks against anyone. Seems most everyone on here is interested in being a part of the "team", if you will, and not slamming each other in order to take out the dailly frustrations of life. Truly nice to find!
    By the way... Thanks for the help with truing the chuck! I ended up placing a 2" od stone in the tail stock, setting the jaws to where they just touched it, spinning it at 2100 rpm's and VERY SLOWELY taking the stone into the through bore. It is now within .0005 and I am much happier.
    FYI... I use my heavy tools for R&D work on various Mountian Rescue technical parts and have a wee bit of knowledge in getting around odd obstacles with metal working. I'll be happy to put my 2 cents worth in where I can help also.
    Thanks again!
    Stay Safe

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    Welcome aboard! Diverse group of fine people here...makes for lots of interesting discussions.


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      I certainly hope you took the chuck and thoroughly cleaned it of any abrasive bits.

      Welcome to the swarf pile.
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        Yes indeed, and just wait until you meet THRUD the great, and have conversation with IBEW GYPSIE. Both, as I understand, bears of men with great hearts, and volumes of wisdom to impart upon the willing.

        In all seriousness, this is a great board, and us machinists have much more to do than "get into each other". We may get on a side conversation (read the bears string, it is fast becoming classic), but in the end, we all seem to know each other in our own little "cyber bit" ways, and do well with each other.

        Neil keeps us in line as well. I do not thank him enough for the board moderation, but here it is.

        MTN rescue parts? Like rock climbing parts, biners, racks? I have made a few of my own "rock craft" parts myself over the years. I use non heat treated 4140 0r 50 for some, or 7075 Aluminum for the light weight parts.

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        CCBW, MAH


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          It would be great to get all of us together in one big convention. We could pretend we are Shriners so as to not bring discredit to the magazine. Smitty
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            Good idea Smitty. Party, whoops, I mean Shriners convention at my house. BYOB, (bring your own billets).
            Location: North Central Texas


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              Great idea, but would we have to wear the Fez?