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  • ac-dc converter

    I have the chance to pick up a 250amp ac-dc welder conveter for aprox $80us this seems like a good deal. Also to convert to tig I guess I need tig torch gas cylinder anything else. I have seen so much here on dc welding and if this works out to be a good deal I'd like to give it a go.
    I've seen all the treads on making the conversion yourself with diodes. But I'm a little reticent to play around with electricity. Not to keen on getting bitten by something I can't see coming.
    Cheers Ian.

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    Buy it. Even at $120 Aussie you can't beat it.

    BTW, here is a bit of help in using DC for welding and how to identify rod types.

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      While you are at it, look up the MSDS on the different type of welding rods.

      Some are extremly hazardous to your health.

      (I am a welder too)



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        Thanks Evan and ibew.
        Most of my welding is farm maintainence, machinery etc. At times need to stick some strange combinations together. It's very interesting to see how other peolple are tackling there challenges here on this bbs.
        I've been sticking things together with weld for a number of years (not sure if some of it actually rates as welding). Also have recently bought a lathe and am having a play around with that when time allows.
        Once again thanks for the advice every bit of extra knowledge helps and we never stop learning.
        Cheers Ian.