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Milling vise stop from snugs

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  • Milling vise stop from snugs

    A collection of some old 3/8" snugs and rods for dial indicators drove me to make a quick and dirty milling vise stop.

    The main support is around 1-1/8" diameter with milled flat and is held to the rear vise jaw with only one bolt at this time. If it ever slips I'll probably use a paper shim to help lock it in place, keeping the ability to rotate it if necessary.

    A half dozen repeatability tests with a 1-2-3 block, unclamped / removed / replaced / reclamped were all within 0.0002"


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    Looks pretty good for "quick and dirty".
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      The "quick" part for me was about 30 minutes vs the months usually required for things on the honey-do list

      The "dirty" part came from the 1-1/4" length of 50 year old mystery metal used for the main support. Looked pretty nasty before a quick OD turn on the lathe. Seemed heavier than but cleaned up like 6061. Haven't checked to see if it glows in the dark yet


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        Handy little job there.
        But I can't believe how clean it all is - I'm sure some of you guys would have a heart attack if you saw how full of swarf and oil my place is



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          Peter Neill: Nah see, it only took him 5 mins to make the part, and then 25 mins to clean up the exposed parts of the mill so he could photograph the picture
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