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Material Selection? Cast Iron and Steel for a Clapper Box

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  • Material Selection? Cast Iron and Steel for a Clapper Box

    So I'm shopping around for some cast iron for my shaper project. Right now, I have a big old chunk of steel to make the clapper box, but not enough to make the actual clapper.

    So... can I make the clapper from cast iron and the box from steel or is there some reason that this would be a bad decision?

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    Just me, but I think the other way around would be better, clapper = steel and box = CI.

    The clapper will be subject to constant, intermittent loads and I would think CI might crack more readily. The box will be too, but it would be a larger part and more resistant. But then, I am not aware of the actual design of these parts.
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      Make both the clapper and box out of steel. At least that's the way my shaper is. The downfeed is cast. Remember you want a tapered pin for the clapper.
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