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  • help with a value please

    could one or more of you wizzards give me a hint of a value of these two items so i can "craigs list" them ? im trying to clear my desk and drawers. geeze i don';t want the widow to have to deal with this. . . (not any time soon i hope)

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    First one measures sphericity, as on an lens. Second one is a manual tachometer. Neither is worth a lot.
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      The bottom picture is a speed indicator. You'd zero it then place the point in the center of what's spinning for a definied interval, the reading could then be multipled for an RPM count.

      The top item is for measuring the height/depth relative to the 3 support points, this dial and rule are an early micrometer mechanism. I've seen something like that used for measuring curvature on a lens, this doesn't seem to have the resolution for that.


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        Guys, I believe You'r missing the point. The OP knows what they are for, He wants to know what they are worth.



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          Maybe $25 for first item. Unusual item, but nothing special. I can't think of any particular application. The dial has a hundred divisions, but the screw certainly can't be 100tpi so what does the dial reading mean?

          Maybe $12 for the tach. Very common item. I have a couple, can't even remember the last time I used one. Worth more if it had a complete set of tips.


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            Originally posted by lazlo
            Neither is worth a lot.
            Anywhere from a couple bucks to maybe 10, depending on purchaser. Unless, of course, one is a rarity of some sort. But the speed indicator looks like a "bog standard" Starrett, of which there are tons.

            The other one doesn't look like a great example of it's type. if you can get $25, I'd be surprised.

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