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thin plastic material choice (OT?)

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  • thin plastic material choice (OT?)

    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice on material. I need a plastic that can be scored with a laser, folded, and then withstand multiple extension and compression one of those expandable file folders. Anyone know what that material that might be? My first guess would be polypropylene. Any thoughts on what would work/work better? Thanks in advance.

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    How many cycles total per lifetime, how fast/often and how much total bend in degrees per cycle?

    Does it need to take any surface treatments? What temperature will it operate at? How dimensionally stable does it need to be. What if any solvent or other chemical resistance is required? Does it need to resist UV? what degree of shatter resistance is required?
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      Hi Evan, the easiest explanation is that I'm making a way cover for a Bridgeport. I realize it will probably wear out and crack at some point but I can make a lifetime supply for the price of a "real" one. Basically looking for a "good 'nuff" solution and I'd prefer not to use PVC in the laser machine.