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  • OT- Living with Bears... Was...

    Any of you ever watch that nature show? The guy living feet from other bears?
    Was an excellent nature show, however the seamingly obvious has happened.

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    I saw that news today. He didn't even carry a weapon. I wonder if he wanted to have a weapon when he was watching a Grizzly Bear maul, kill, and consume his girlfriend. As a person who has owned and handled predators for many years, I understand their nature. It isn't about right or wrong, it is just about the prey and the predator. He just forgot that he was the prey. It was only natural that he would be consumed if he didn't use the one human quality of intelligence to protect himself. I agree with you. It was an eventuality. I have many scars from dealing with raptors in falconry over many years. You never blame the animal for being what it is. If you have a pet badger you’d better be careful when you pet it!
    Has anyone heard of the story of the scorpion and the tortoise?
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        Brown bears are grizzly bears.
        There are variations in color of grizzly bears.

        Anybody that walks or camps in bear country without a weapon is a fool. Some people do carry large canisters of pepper spray instead of a gun.

        We always joked when we came across fresh bear scat. The standard thing to say was: "remember that you have six bullets in the gun, five for the bear and one for yourself".



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          Same bear. Brown bears are coastal and grizzleys are interior.

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            The brown bear is Ursus Arctos. The grizzly is a sub-species, Ursus Arctos Horribilis.

            This is similar to dogs, which are a sub-species of Canis Lupus, the wolf. Dogs are Canis Lupus Familiaris.

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              A true story:

              New Yorker decides he's going to fulfill his dream of fishing in Alaska. On the way to camp, bush pilot asks fisherman about his weapon. "Gun?" says the New Yorker, "I won't touch let alone ever use something as malevolent as a gun. I'm going fishing not hunting!" "You don't understand," says the pilot. "You need a gun as protection against bears." "Perhaps someone as unsophisticated as you may need a gun" says the fisherman, "but I've got OC bear repellant." "OK," says the pilot.

              As the pilot makes his banking turn to return to base he sees the fisheman having what appears to be a seizure on the lake shore. He lands and goes to the fisheman to render aid. When he reaches the fisherman to ask if he's OK, the fisherman replies "I don't know. I put the bear repellant on and all of a sudden everything started to burn..."


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                We have had a bad year for acorns, Beech nuts and other mast forage that the bears really like this time of year. It will be another "bear in suburbia" year around my city.


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                  Tonydacrow- Ah, pepper spray. I've heard that gag enough times I wonder if it's true... but then, some of the things I've seen tourists do... It absolutely would not surprise me.

                  I have personally seen campsites ravaged by bears, and the owner standing there wondering why it happened. Seems when he went off to the river to fish, he'd sprayed the area with "Bear Repellent" pepper spray.

                  Seems the P-spray can have a negative effect: if the bear in question has managed to raid a campsite before, finding tasty vittles, and is then driven off by the spray... it comes to associate the smell with food. So the pepper spray becomes an attractant.

                  If you use it for the first time on a particulat bear, it works great. If that bear has found your food and then been driven off, zapping it again just encourages it.

                  Brown, grizzly and Kodiak bears are all essentially the same. Environment and forage give them slightly different coats and weights, but they're all basically the same bear.

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                    Bears are big, often hungry, they have claws and teeth, and they are strong. It is pretty hard to stop a bear that wants something you have.

                    Littler bears are only 5 times stronger than you. Big ones are more so.

                    There isn't any variety of bear that is domesticated.

                    bears are not used to losing.....

                    How much more is needed to know about bears to convince a person not to fool with them?

                    pepper spray would likely only piss off a bear.... might give you a chance to duck while the bear's eyes are watering, but he is still charging, and you are awful darn close. I bet he remembers where you are, swings blind, and gets you anyway.

                    It ain't only bears. Get a caribou in camp sometime and see how much they can kick to pieces if they get scared.

                    Big animals are dangerous....get used to it.

                    I think it is easier to deal with a mountain lion than a bear. The mountain lion will calculate and decide if the meal is worth the chance of getting hurt. Look big and the calculation says to try somewhere else.

                    The bear doesn't care....remember, he ain't used to losing.....


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                      In some parts of Alaska, Kodiak Island in particular, the grizzly bears have come to treat the sound of a gunshot as a dinner bell. They hear a gunshot and they come running to see what there is to eat.

                      As a side note, the place I have seen quite a few grizzly bears is the road between the village of Yakutat, AK and the Dangerous River.
                      For some reason they prefer to defecate on the asphalt road. You can come around a curve and there is a bear doing his thing right in the middle of the road.

                      I guess that bears don't sh*t in the woods if there is a nice road nearby.



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                        This picture was taken by my wife.

                        It's Dufus, suddenly realizing that it might not be such a good idea to be standing that close to four young, possibly hungry grizzlys. Run Dufus, run!!!

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                          Evan didn't mention that above picture was taken in May of this year. Bears had not been that long out of there dens. These grizzles are young males that are 1 to 2 years of age and mum has sent them on their way. They quite often group together for one summer before they go off to find there own territory. Also got picture of young brown bear about 1/2mile down the road from these guys it kind of looked small after these four.

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                            OK, Living with bears.

                            A quick "story", then a few points.

                            Story: The best way to protect yourself in Yellowstone NP from Griz attack is to wear little bells to warn the bear of your coming, and to carry pepper spray in the event of an attack. The best way to also tell if a griz is in the area is to know how to identify the difference between black bear and griz "Scat". The brown bear eats lots of berries and grass, the griz tends to eat ded things and killed prey. Black bear "scat" is filled with traces of seeds and grass. Griz "scat" tends to be filled with little bells and smells like pepper spray.

                            #1 Brown bears can be "Black bears". In my seven years in YNP, and the other say 20 years visiting, I personally ran across a few "brown bears" that were just brown in color, but of the "black" type. Not to be confused with the Griz. The face make-up is different from the get go identification,. The Griz has a "cup shape" around the eyes, the black is conical from nose to eyes.

                            #2 Been treed by Griz three times in my life, all between 1984 to 1988. Some wit about you, and some fast climbing saves you. Twice by Black bears that could have probably climbed up and got me if the urge hit. Griz tend not to climb the tree to get you, the better method is to whack and bang the tree until you fall out, or the tree falls down. They tend to stop about the time you are swinging around quite crazily like a rag doll, or they get tired and bored if the tree does not topple. I climbed rocks also, had quite a grip. Got "swung" twice. Honest to gawd, been there, done it, and had to buy the new pants. Yes, upon further personal review, the griz does indeed have a cupped face, the black is conical, and both really smell bad, the griz really stinking up the place. I knew the bear was there before I saw it time #2, smelled it. Smelled many a bear more, and knew to think twice before walking forward once.

                            #3. Have met probably ten "blacks" in YNP, never had a problem. In NH, I have black bear all over the freaking place, kind of like deer. Hey, they are behind my school shop, thus giving incentive for the kids to behave, or they get to take a hike. Real bad now, fall being here, and the bear real hungry and storing up. Actually three different ones at my last count last week by footprint, and two sightings. I leave at night sometimes real nervous, and quite aware, and come in on the occassional early a.m. to footprints on the edge of the parking lot by the "fern bog".

                            #4. Black love bird feeders in NH. You want to see a bear anywhere in NH, in the middling size city, out in the boonies???? never mind setting out raw meat, rotten garbage, all those real appetizing things for bear...get a common wally world bird feeder, fill it up to the brim, give it a couple of days, you will find it ripped off the pole and probably apart on the ground. Want more bear, get another, thinking at first the "vandal" is just huge squirrel or rotten Juvenile delinquents, and stand around with your little pop-gun and wait to pop the squirrell or JDB. REAL BIG SQUIRRELS, about 300 pounds to 400 for the real biggies, no tail, bad breath, kind of a poor attitude, and no real manners. Saw this at my in-laws, laughed my tail off at my dad in law - he thought it was pesky big squirrels. Bear had the time of its life with "Sams Wild Bird feed", they are NOT gourmets. Have them at my camp in VT also, they create a mess with the ignorant campers who leave messes.

                            #5 - on a serious note, I have sen the results of a griz attack about 12 hours after, had to identify. Enough said there but that I was not personally involved very close, nor was it a friend, just someone I saw an hour before on the trail in. It is not fun, and bears do damage.

                            In the end, I carry no gun, for homes are too close where I am, and my bride frowns on guns in the car and home with little kids about.. but do carry a couple of "pepper spray cans". Black bear tend to disapprove of pepper spray more than Griz. Never had "spray" for the hiker in my YNP time, and looking back, wonder how I made it out whole......

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                              Pepper spray maybe. Bears seem to have a high tolerance to pain. I've seen bears eating honey and it is clear that the swarming bee stings bother them, but do nothing to deter them. They probably concider humans pretty bland tasting, without a little pepper spray.