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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Evan:
    The way to control the charge of air admitted to the barrel breech is with a shuttle valve. It is spring loaded (this could also be air) and when the trigger is pulled it slaps through the valve bore exposing the ports on either side of the bore to the through hole (not necessarily round) in the valve piston. Controlling the spring (or air) pressure controls the speed of the valve travel and therefore the charge. A second valve is needed to cut off the air when re-cocking.</font>
    Yes, this was what I was thinking there anything comercially available in the sizes (say a 3/8"-1/2" port)we would need that anyone has ever seen or heard about?

    Yankee1-the valves you are thinking about are what is used in the CO2 guns (pellet and paintball)....correct?

    I don't see a way to get one to work with the MUCH higher pressure and volume on a big gun and 2500 PSI. The hammer weight and spring pressure needed to open it would be very large, I would think; but I may very well be wrong.

    Have you guys actually seen or shot one of these big airguns?


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      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Samuel:
      what about a spring piston air rifle?

      I had a beeman when I was younger.... they seem to work well. I always wanted a larger size.. I think they make pellets to .25 will have to check tho

      plink plink

      Samuel--the cocking force and spring recoil on a gun of this power would be prohibitive, I believe. You would have to eat a lot of Wheaties
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        Hello Evan
        Yes. My Anschutz 2002 CA uses 3000psi
        and has a poppet system like I was describing.The hammer is the rebounding type.As the spring pressure is increased
        the rebounding hammer holds the poppet open
        for a longer duration causing more air to be released. There is also a spring that
        closes the poppet valve.So we could describe
        the poppet action as being bounced open for
        a brief period of time. After the hammer strikes the poppet the poppet closing spring
        closes it.My rifle has a pressure regulator
        in it between the reservoir and the poppet
        regulating the pressure to 1000psi.


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          Evan, that is just what I had in mind for a pistol type,not sure how to proceed.


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            I was hoping to read something about spring powered air guns with ether injection. Anyone have information on the European 50 cal. ether injection guns? Easily kills deer.


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              Hello HB
              Yes they are used in paintball and Co2
              and compressed air as well. There is no problem with 3000 psi and poppets opening.
              The field target guns available on the market now shoot unregulated at 3000 psi.
              The problem becomes variable points of impact as the pressure drops. They overcome
              this by recharging at certain points of
              pressure. They refer to the pressure range
              that is most accurate as "The sweet spot".
              These rifles are available in 9mm also.
              Also available in .177,.22cal,20cal,25cal
              and as you already know some people are
              making them in 45cal and 50cal.With my
              Anschutz type rifle we have contests shooting at targets with pictures of common
              house flys on them, we are only permitted
              head shots in order to score on them because
              of the olympic type rifles we use.Yes they
              are that accurate.


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                I forgot to mention the distance involved,
                It is 66 feet or 22 yards. Its not too difficult indoor but when we shoot outdoor
                wind maks it much tougher.


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                  i own several air rifles some are high power p.c.p from .17 cal. up to .50 cal. i enjoy them all, as for taking big game, not as of yet. but i regularly shoot grasshoppers at 50 yards,easily with my .25 cal career rifle.


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                    i'm surprised no one mentioned Dennis Quackenbush:


                    andy b.
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                      Please excuse my ignorance, but, what does p.c.p. mean?


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                        PreCharged Pneumatics
                        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by IOWOLF:
                          i own several air rifles some are high power p.c.p from .17 cal. up to .50 cal. i enjoy them all, as for taking big game, not as of yet. but i regularly shoot grasshoppers at 50 yards,easily with my .25 cal career rifle. </font>
                          IOWOLF--On your big rifles (I have several standard spring-air, pump and CO2 guns up to .25 cal and paintball, so these questions only pertain to bigger stuff), do they all shoot round ball?

                          If so, are you using standard lead muzzleloading balls? If not, what ammo? Have you tried any discarding sabot (available for muzzleloaders)?

                          What kind of velocities do you get?

                          What is the bbl. made of? Is it fully rifled? Squeeze bore at the muzzle?

                          Is it a poppet valve release mechanism?

                          If so, how bad is the counter-recoil from the actuation spring/hammer? Or is it noticeable or affect accuracy?

                          How noisy is it?

                          Sorry for all the questions, but these rifles fascinate me.


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                          NRA Lifetime Member