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Wierdscience - Anything new on the Fenner belts?

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  • wierdscience
    I have to dig trough my desk at work when I go in tommrow,I have been tied up helping my father,he and mom went on vacation to Mo.they called me at like 5:00 a.m. Last tuesday morning and my mom says that dad tripped and twisted his knee at the motel and the next morning it was swole up to the point he coudn't drive,so I had to find a driver,drive to Memphis(324 miles one way)pick him and mom up,turn around drive straight thourgh to the VA hospital in Gulfport(401 miles the other way)well that took 11 hours then I was back home at 5:00am the next day,the past week and a half has been filled with me taking care of pop,trying to keep up with work,and hualing pop back and forth from the VA, just got back from there this afternoon got to go again monday then next weekend Pennsacola,whew!

    Anyway,I'm trying I'll post just as soon as I hear something.

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  • kenc
    started a topic Wierdscience - Anything new on the Fenner belts?

    Wierdscience - Anything new on the Fenner belts?

    Anything going on in your Fenner alternative hunt?