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  • there are some great ideas and workmanship in this thread - congrats to all

    Originally posted by Peter Neill
    I think we also need to get McGyver posting his stuff in this thread too, despite some of it having been seen here before, as many of the newer members may have missed these.

    thanks Peter, here are some links, I think i need some new material

    Tube bender
    pillar tool, shop made but a Geo Thomas design
    drill grinding fixtures, pts i&ii
    BA & ME socket drivers
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


    • No photos here but I think you can visualize:

      Sharpen the tips on your dial caliper. Works great as a scriber, marking off from an edge. Mine is a cheap import that I've had for 20 years. I didn't realize how dependent I am on this particular caliper until I misplaced it recently.


      • Originally posted by bborr01
        Hi Jim,

        My brother just brought his ar15 out and tried to fire some cheapass wolf ammo and the bolt wouldn't even close on them.

        He later tried them on his Ruger ranch rifle and they worked ok.

        They were steel cases.

        Sometimes you get what you pay for.

        My No. 2 son, after he got out of the Marine Corps, worked for a while at a rifle range in So. Cal. Because of ammo related problems, they would not allow any customers to use Wolff centerfire steel case ammo...took too much time for the rangemasters to safely clear the problem ammo from jams.

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        • Originally posted by steverice

          Is that an FSAE car I see there... ?


          • Originally posted by Fasttrack
            Is that an FSAE car I see there... ?
            Looks like chain adjusters on a drag bike to me.
            Paul Compton


            • Some tools made for metal spinning. Didn't have room to store the long handled tools so made it in two parts. Handle has # 2 Morse taper socket and draw bar and tool ends have male part of the Morse taper. I don't know how to spin metal, but I try sometimes.


              • I was looking back and I think this was one of my first lathe projects. it is a die for bending 3/4 square tube and it fits my HF #2 compact bender. Made from four 3/8 X 5" sheel disks. Had to make it so I could loosen the sides to release the bent tubing.

                I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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                • Wanted to make a Quorn T&C grinder once. This "requires" a column with a square groove of 1 turn per inch. Thought could do it in the mill. Do have horizontal spindle built in column of my vertical mill but don't have a universal table. So if can't turn table for the helix angle so why not turn the spindle. Had this neat universal joint think made for hard to get at valves on ships or something. So adapt horizontal to cutter using the universal joint.

                  Then had to make an support to ram dovetail.

                  Set up in the mill. Had the table hooked to the dividing head for cutting the helix. Darn, wish I would of take geometery in high school. It didn't cut a square groove but more like an acme thread with tapered sides.


                  • Philip Duclos air spindle for sharpening end mills. Learned lot of my machining building his projects. Uses 5-C collets. Made a copy of Darex's tool rest which is nice as it has built in compensation for different diameter end mills.

                    Another neat tool for me is a roll of shrink wrap. Air spindle is stored in warm part of shop but still needs protection from dust. Should of built storage box.
                    For storing in the cold damp part of shop spray a little oil or something like that and then wrap up in the shrink wrap.


                    • Gary, nice work....what sort of clearance is there and where are the plans from; back issues or a projects book etc?
                      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


                      • Originally posted by Mcgyver
                        Gary, nice work....what sort of clearance is there and where are the plans from; back issues or a projects book etc?
                        Mcgyver,the article by Philip Duclos was ""Floating" End Mill Sharpener" in HSM for Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec 1987 issues.

                        Difference between spindle and bore diameters is .002" but the not so easy part is no more taper then 2 tenths in spindle and bore. Had much frustration turning the spindle and bore without taper. Suggest starting with a ground and polished shaft to start with and finish bore by lapping.


                        • Digr, nice job on the grinder. I just bought a 1 1/2hp motor to build a 72" version. Am I going to have enough steam?
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                          • I have one, a home made broach cutter. Drill rod .750 OD and drilled a .50 ID bore and then used a dremil tool with cut off disc to make 4 slots, ground for relief. Heated cherry red and dunked in oil ( used trany fluid ) then just a slight hone. On my mill head the worm drive for tilting the head is in a .750 bore with a bushing on the drive end of the shaft, then a cap with square drive is pined to the shaft so it can be turned with a wrench. Some where along the life of the mill the the cap had been hit and driven into the bushing swedging the bushing to the point that i could not get it out. So i made this cutter to use on a cordless drill and it worked like a charm.

                            success at last


                            • Couple of Bandsaw Tools

                              My vertical bandsaw has a hydraulic has a hydraulic feed on the table. So I made a piece that clamps to the table to feed the work piece. Works real nice.

                              And a rip fence. This I made out of a bent up piece of steel from an old piece of farm machinery. It always seems to make me feel better if I can salvage an old twisted up piece of stock instead of buying a new piece.


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