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  • wombat2go
    Yes, the South Bend Milling Attachment should have been called a Small Drilling Attachment.

    I hold a drill spindle in it to drill holes on a PCD with indexing the chuck by a woodpecker on a 64 Tooth gear on the gear end of the lathe.

    For more rigid knurling, I made a clamp to mount the Milling Vyce on the lathe bed.
    Only suitable for a knurl the width of the knurl wheel.

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  • J Tiers
    Originally posted by vpt View Post

    Last time I made tool holders I had to do them one at a time in a milling attachment in the atlas. I can't wait for the chance to make a new batch now that I have the mill.

    The milling attachments I have used would be almost as slow as filing them by hand, given the small cut that they would allow before jumping all over the place.

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  • Refuses2go
    yes U can grind A LOT off of them...

    Originally posted by gary hart View Post
    I keep trying to make good parts with dull tools but, darn, I'm just not good enough. So have to resort to sharpening.

    Made a home made carbide grinder and decided rather then have a table that adjusts for angle would make holders to set the angle.

    Carbide parting inserts should be touched up at first sign of getting dull because not much can be ground off them. Touching up can double the life of these spendy buggers.

    Putting finger on swing arm holds insert in place for grinding.
    Brother If you go to a jewelry supplies house you can buy diamond ball burs in an assortment small enuf to add the chip breaker into it, just be sure to photo it on ur fone before you start! good luck!

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  • Harvey Melvin Richards
    Originally posted by Jim Stewart View Post
    Thanks, I will give them a try.

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  • Jim Stewart
    Originally posted by Harvey Melvin Richards View Post
    What extension do you use?
    This one for Firefox:

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