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  • Yeah, this was an inexpensive imported chuck that I have found useful for things like starting thread dies, etc.
    12" x 35" Logan 2557V lathe
    Index "Super 55" mill
    18" Vectrax vertical bandsaw
    7" x 10" Vectrax mitering bandsaw
    24" State disc sander


    • That seems much handier than the typical solution of a plug in the end of the tubing that is centered. Or even a bull-nose center, since they are great, but always the wrong size for what is wanted.

      Good idea, one I never considered.
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      • If you make the connection between the chuck and the tailstock(adaptor) solid, you can turn thin parts in tension instead of compression doing away with the need for a steady.


        • Unfinished gang tool holder for an old CNC lathe, one more hole to be drilled and reamed then the set screw holes drilled and tapped.
          Left handed boring bar for light facing and OD turning, drill, bore then an internal retaining ring groove tool (not shown). Give each tool a number and then touch them off, write the program and have at it, do not call the wrong tool number at the wrong time as this makes for spectacular crashes (-:

          The parts were POM so it did not have to be very rigid.
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