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  • Danged inpressive work!!!

    Thanks for posting the great projects.


    • Js Machine and knucklehead - Outstanding projects and workmanship. I'm very impressed. This thread is great. It is always such a treat to see the ingenuity and superb craftsmanship displayed by our HSM members.


      • Here's a welding cart:

        tig on top, stick in the middle, plasma at the bottom.
        filler rod on one side, all the wires/cables etc on the other.
        on the filler side, those are 2x4's with ~1.5" holes in them stuffed
        with a cut up sponge. the sponge and wood snag on eachother and
        sponge stays in place.. filler slips right in/out and doesn't make a racket
        when i'm rolling across the floor.

        the space on top is meant for a water cooler .. one day.. but for now
        gloves/helmet/clamps/junk goes up there best it can be propped.

        here's a 'third hand' or a 'dead man' or a 'weld finger' with a sliding weight.
        i have a few of these without the weight.. i had a heavy-ish one holding
        an aluminum fitting once and the weight of the finger buckled the alum
        fitting while i was trying to weld it. ended up making this style.. slide
        the weight where ever for more/less hold down force.

        i don't think i've really even used that "feature" since..but this tends
        to be the finger I grab most often. mostly because i can slide the slug
        up against what i'm trying to hold and it helps keep things in place too.

        it'll naturally "lock" (bind) at both extremes because of the bend and weld.. so it stays in place.


        • Originally posted by knucklehead
          here's a 'third hand' or a 'dead man' or a 'weld finger' with a sliding weight.
          Pictures promptly snagged and emailed to the workshop PC for immediate addition to the top of my "Must Make Now" list! I needed one of those last week for my objet d'art repair job. Thanks, what a great tip!!

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          • Wow!

            Originally posted by Ed P
            Ed P

            New guy here. I found HSM while following a Yahoo search link regarding making one's own 5C spindle nose chuck. Yes, I found that chuck posted within this thread but when I finished reading it I couldn't stop. I went back to the first post and read and drooled all the way to the last post. It took me three days!

            Anyway, your pillar drill is absolutely magnificent. It transcends shop made tooling and leaps into the realm of art. I was surprised that there weren't more comments about it.

            I know that it's good forum etiquette to remove attachments when quoting but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It's just to darn pretty!


            • Agreed, a great piece of workmanship!!!


              • 2x72 belt grinder

                Here is a belt grinder I built from blueprints on a knife making board. My grinder differs in it has a 3 cone pulley step system with 2 belts. Everyone wants a variable speed motor and it eats up a K when you get through with it. This was less than 50 bucks and you can change from very very slow for polishing to super fast for stock removal in 12 to 15 seconds. Almost infinite speed control. Never had a problem getting the proper speed for the task at hand. I bought the 12 inch rubber wheel and the bearings everything else I built. I built it for knifes but now use it for everything. Don't know how I lived without. I can get links to blueprints if the mods allow it.[IMG]


                • Nice Job

                  Nice job on the belt grinder. It looks similar, yet not exactly, to the "Moby-Dick" belt grinder that a fellow built on a 4x4 forum, he put some you-tube videos up.

                  Yours looks good and if you can put up a link to the plans or ??, I sure lots here will appreciate it.



                  • Real nice job swordfish, thanks for posting the great pics!!

                    Got pics of any other projects?? We just all love pics!!


                    • Below are links to to org kmg grinders as well as plans to build your own. North coast knives has a 10 inch wheel that can be modified to fit this grinder and is easier to deal with than Grizzle. Beaumont metal works is the original and surprisingly will help you any way he can to build your own grinder. He will sell you any part that is beyond your capability to produce. A really nice guy. I have pics I cannot find, mabe at work. I will try to post later.

                      Beaumont Metal Works is the leading manufacturer of belt grinders and equipment for blade smiths, blacksmiths, fabricators, makers and artists. We have produced the robust and loved KMG 2x72 belt grinder for more than 20 years.


                      • Excellent work swordfish! Were there any problems getting it to track well after it was finished?


                        • This is an angle plate I had my guys build. It will mostly be used for edge drilling and tapping 1/4" to 3/4" plates of various size. It's made out of 3/4" aluminum plate.


                          • Impressive work thanks for posting that.

                            Did i miss it or did you post the dimensions???


                            • Nice belt sander.

                              Originally posted by swordfish
                              Everyone wants a variable speed motor and it eats up a K when you get through with it.
                              More like a couple hundred for a 1 HP VFD and used motor.


                              • Chip brush on plastic flexible coolant line (like Loc-line) for helping to control flying chips on mini mill.

                                Magnet on one end of "Loc-Line"

                                Works good on lathe toolpost for ease of using and getting out of the way. Works good for turning and parting brass/bronze where the little chips fly afar.

                                Steel wire brush needed for hot chips, cheap hair brush don't stand up to hot chips.