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Tire burning stove for workshop?

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    Dave, let me assure you that the fire department has no desire to rush over to your house and put out your cigar-foundry-brush-or-whatever fires. The neighbors excitedly call them in and they have no choice but to come over and unenthusiastically put them out. We don't make the laws, but are obligated to follow them when people complain. BTW, when the call comes in you often don’t know if it is a house, field or what exactly is on fire. Don't know why they would bother to charge $200. A city rule I suppose. It costs a lot more then that to roll an engine.
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      Good point Joel, plus apart from the (cost to roll an engine) it could be better used perhaps somewhere else at a real emergency. Alistair
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        In Walker county, you have to join a membership before they will even come out to your home that is on fire. Pay a yearly fee.

        I lived there for about four years before I found this out. When I did, I was loud and rude to the people I paid the money to.

        They had already heard of me, I had captured a arsonist and had him face down in the driveway for the police. Ambulance drivers and firemen are the same in some places. They told me crime and fires went down in my neighborhood. They would have responded to my home cause they had heard of me?? I guess it is the good old boy network.

        Here in Whitfield county things are different. Not real sure how things work, I have never saw a firetruck out here. They have spotter towers to watch the game reserves I think, they do double duty watching houses too.

        The only way I would burn tires is to figure a way to completly combust them. It is sure that setting them on fire in a brush pile makes it smoke like crazy.

        All I need is court bills from several hundred senior citizens from smoke inhalation. Get on the wagon, make some of his money whoo hoo... Lets go to florida..
        No, honest your honor, it was not the 45 years of smoking cigarettes that put the spots on my lungs, it was the tires burning 3 miles away.

        It happened to a local paper company. Everyone with a address came out to sue them.


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          We don't have any fire protection where I live. Only the water bombers in summer and they don't do houses.
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            ibew, I guess some people are just wankers. I have a definite problem with paying a fee for fire protection. My fire department wouldn't even consider it, even though costs are high, and funding low. My department has flaws, but we never complain about going to a house at 4:00am to help someone who can't get up to relieve themselves. We go wherever we are asked, do whatever is needed, and routinely help other departments put out their fires. Wouldn’t dream of charging anyone a penny.
            Support your volunteer departments, most of the country is protected by them.

            Evan, consider starting one in your area. A little equipment isn’t that expensive and goes a long way. You need a BIG source of water though.
            Location: North Central Texas


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              The adrenalin rush you get running into a burning building is akin to riding a drag exhaust harley through Atlanta Georgia during rush hour.

              I understand why young guys get hooked.

              Every community needs a volunteer fire dept. If nothing else to save lives. Running a fire truck out to save a man who zips up on his wienie is overkill if you aske me thou. (mother, Jugs, Speed movie) Ha..