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    Well, Evan and I are gonna disagree again...

    I have Norton at work, and have seen no slow-down.

    I have McAfee at home as I write, and I have seen no slowdown here either after installing it.

    In both places the settings are set to essentially "attack dog", in that all the scanning possible is set up.

    And, I am quite happy with them, as in combo with Zonealarm Pro (not the bogus freeware version) they have prevented several baddies from entering the system.

    I guess it just depends...maybe a fast disk is making the problem go away.

    BTW, this computer has a Celeron "800mHz", not the full chip, so it should be worse than ain't.


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      If you have the version of McAfee with the "screen scan" feature (under screen saver settings) make sure it is turned off. Just about the dumbest "feature" I have ever seen. The hard drive never gets to rest.

      If you are happy with the performance, fine. I can tune a PC so that my customers say WOW! Trouble with that is a lot of them were about to buy a new one 'cause they were so fed up with the performance of the old one.
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        I have to disagree as well. I run Systemworks 2004 and cannot even notice a slowdown (until some knob attacks my computer). It does not even slow down real power sucking games like UT 2003 or Quake 3 Arena @ 1600x1280 res - but then I don't use Intel chips in my computer - just good stuff!


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          I can't remember the last time I sold an Intel processor. Sorry, but I see serious perfomance hits with Norton. Also the Norton uninstaller doesn't. Also, the latest version of systemworks isn't compatible with Outlook Express. HUH??
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            ... Also the Norton uninstaller doesn't.

            Boy, you got that one right. That really pisses me off. I had to edit the registry to get rid of a few imploded Norton installs on friends computers.

            I find the best method is to "Ghost" the whole system back on - faster, far less annoying. One of my friends is a compete computer retard and constantly loads conflicting programs and what not on his computer (willy nilly like).

            I have been planning on buying a 300Gb Maxtor to back up my RAID drives - I have given up on tape as I can't justify an AIT-2 drive and DLT is just as ridiculous price wise - even wholesale.

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              Yeah, after an uninstall then you search the registry for the couple of hundred remaining references to Symantec etc.

              300GB, serial ATA or USB 2.0 I presume. I love storage capacity. BUT, I have 5 outbuildings and maybe a couple of gigapieces of junk and I can't find "it" when I need "it". How in hell am I going to find what I have on a terabyte drive? Exabyte? Petabyte? I think I'll retire from this business in about ten years when maybe they finally develop a real AI than can whisper in my ear "That's your wife, you had eggs for breakfast, just the way you like them".
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                My home network is out of control... Video files do it to you... almost 1200G and it does not feel like too much space. To backup, I cross store images on different drives. How do you reasonably archive?



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                  Same way. Batch file that runs at night, copying gigabytes from one computer to another.
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