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Cracked software trade???

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  • Cracked software trade???

    I am in the wrong place.........

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    They always say there's one born every minute.
    Unfortunatly they have to be raised.
    What a plonker.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      no serious


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        That kind of talk I wouldn't recommend.


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          I suggest you reconsider what you have proposed. Take a long walk off a short pier. What a doorknob.
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            What is cracked software??


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              Basically it's a program that alters the software into thinking it's the full version.

              Mastercam (and autocad?)'s cracks emulate a dongle (thing that goes on the back of the computer, telling it you bought it. Others are just a serial #.


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                Whats with the flames?....sorry I asked....geez.


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                  In the past I once spent over 1000 hours developing a software package. I sent it out to a number of software houses for consideration for publishing. I drove 3000 miles to visit serveral publishers in person to promote my work. A software house in Toronto tried to steal my program. (It's way more complicated than that, but this will have to suffice). I called in the RCMP and they recovered my work.

                  When someone "cracks" a program or offers a "cracked" program to others they are stealing the bread out of the children's mouths of the programmers who spent many hours trying to make a living and support themselves and their family.

                  You deserve all the FLAMES I CAN MUSTER. If I wasn't so nice I would kill your IP and take you off the net.
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                    First because its quite illegal, which isn't the best sort of dealing to bring to this forum.
                    In case you do not know,
                    for every copy of illegal software you can be required to buy the equivalent software package to start with, and then pay three times more as penalty. Total four times the value.
                    try the "Business Software Alliance"


                    Second, see first.


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                      Nothing wrong with wanting to pay less. So may be you could buy a less expensive program (there are a lot of good programs for "free" or low cost - example: Intellicad vs Autocad). If you qualify, you can also buy educational versions of fairly expensive programs. Often, reduced in price substantially - but you need to qualify. Some schools, if you go to the right one, have an agreement with M$ for radically reduced pricing on office, XP Pro, *.net, etc.

                      There are PD and shareware and low cost programs that are not just good - but better than what you can buy. They don't promote much, obviously, but you can ask around and find them. Virus checkers, adware killers, spybot wackers - and the like are good targets.

                      Sometime you pay retail - and just have to do it. Like my XP for my current system. Worth it, I have to say.

                      But there is also software sold at reduced prices in other countries - just like pharmacy drugs and machine tools. Some software sold in China can be ordered and used here. I guess there are going to be questions, but this grey marketing question has been around a while and ruled OK by the courts. You might not get support, but if you buy a licensed copy in approved fashion from a foreign source, I would think it ok. It can be a pain to deal with, though. I have bought UK and German SW to use on the old Amigas - and it was a hassle to deal with. No other option, then, though.

                      I suspect this Grey Marketing of SW and IP is going to be a big issue soon. Grey marketing of software from other countries is not really differnet from sales of pharmacy drugs or even machine tools. Since the Gov't is just fine with imports to HF, HD, Wally World and others, then it must be OK for us and SW too. Many SW makers are moving their support to India - so why can't we buy SW from India - at their prices? It's A Small World After All (tm- Disney :> ).

                      At the end of the day, your general useful value of SW is what you paid. Nothing is really free - and cheap stuff gets percieved cheaply, no matter what you pay for it.

                      -- just my 2 yen's worth...


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                        Dvideo, et al,

                        There are laws against "Grey Market" software in many countries. It is illegal in the UK to import and sell software intended for sale elswhere. Recent court cases there have decided that if the license agreement imposes restrictions on where the software may be used then that is a reasonable condition.

                        As to free software, there are many excellent programs available, with no strings attached. There is also an utter plauge of scamware out there. Many "free" programs masquerade as something useful but contain hidden functionality. They may pop up ads, snoop on what you do online and report it back to someone or worse. There is a company (I won't mention names here, e-mail me if you want more details) that provides a "free" program that puports to speed up your dialup connection. Can't be done. What it does do is hijack Internet Explorer. It redirects all of your internet surfing through their proxy servers. This means they can see everything you do while online including encrypted sessions such as online banking and shopping, credit card numbers, everything. If you can figure out who they actually are (I have) and find their "privacy policy" they state that they DO collect personally identifiable information, they DO share it with third parties of their choosing. This sort of scam is known as a "Man in the middle" attack.

                        I spend a great deal of time (and it makes me money) cleaning up peoples computers. A lot of this software trash is designed to be unremovable and some make permanent changes to Windows that will cause the OS to break if the scamware is removed.

                        If you are looking for free software look for software published under the GNU Public License. You can be sure that it is what it purports to be and does not contain hidden functionality. Examples are POV-RAY, Open Office, XITAMI Web Server, Mercury Mail Transport, Firebird web browser and many others. I use Astrostack, Cartes du Ciel, Scope Designer and a variety of excellent programs from AnalogX. There are hundreds of really good free programs out there. There is no need to steal software if you can't afford to buy.

                        I run a web server with a dozen commercial and hobby web sites and the only paid product on those computers is Windows. The Web server, FTP server, Mail server, Firewall, Log analyzer, Network monitor, Virus checker and Backup program are all excellent freeware.

                        GNU software is often much better and more stable than commercial software since the source code is available for inspection. You can be sure that if any back doors or other dirty business is in there it will be found. Therefore, it isn't there in the first place. My webservers run 24/7 and don't crash. The backup server has been running for over a year without being rebooted.

                        For more on this visit and go to their Free Software Directory.
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                          You mentioned open office - just for general info, open office often seems to be able to open spreadsheets that Excel regards as corrupted and unopenable. Saved my bacon.


                          All of the gear, no idea...


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                            I suppose it would be a good idea to set up a web page somewhere with a list of really useful machinists programs. I know some people have done so, but It might need a different spin...



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                              Does anyone know what the policy is on distributing software that has been issued as free at some point.
                              The two I have in mind are the original Intellicad 2000 which isn't crippled and Solid Edge Origin which again was a free issue and it's hardly crippled.

                              Not naming any programs but we were send a demo CD once of a $5,000 plus program for evaluation.
                              When we looked at the files on the CD they had included the licence.dat file for the full commercial version.
                              I posted this on a group I used to be on, again naming no names and two companies contacted me to see if it was theirs.
                              It wasn't either but it makes you wonder how often this happens.

                              Thank you Mr XXXXX pity it didn't suit us, it would have saved us a lot of money

                              John S

                              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.