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  • Seeing red

    There I was sitting at my computer Monday night when my right eye started to bleed internally.

    Can't see much except for blood, so I will not be around the board until it gets fixed or removed. Anyone wants to bug me then email me and I will respond as fast as I can.

    Thanks guys.

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    Very sorry to hear about your misfortune, I hope all is well soon. Keep us posted if possible. You will be missed!
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Get well soon, we will miss you. Let us know how you are progressing.



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        Damn, I was counting your wise "sage" advice on how to handle the pair of black panties I found in my tattoo bus.. I put them in the lost and found. They are too small for my keeper..


        Get well soon cousin..


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            I hope you're having your blood-sugar checked. My uncle lossed an eye over "it".

            Good luck Thrud and keep us posted as best you can.


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              Look after yourself.
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                Not to make light of your misfortune Thrud,
                But it sounds like you're in for a laser welding session. Who better than you to describe the machine & processes to us machinists & wanabees, & to improve on it. Best of luck fella.


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                  Hey Thrud old mate I know you can't read this but hopefully later.
                  That laser surgury is real cool. My son has had a load of this done on his eyes as he's a diabetic.
                  It's good how far we have come with this sort of stuff, outpatient status, walk in and walk out 2 hours later after having a laser fired in your eyes.
                  On one session he had over 300 veins sealed this way.
                  Good luck anyway mate.

                  John S.

                  Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                    You will be in my thoughts, I hope the best for you...



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                      God be with you Thrud. Take care

                      John B
                      John B


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                        $50 + shipping from italy and
                        i'll make you a new eye.
                        teflon coated SS with nanotech actuators.
                        any color you'd like.

                        take it easy on the eye, thrud. get
                        well soon. we all need you back here



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                          Get well soon.
                          Does anyone actually read siglines?


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                            Thrud: I've heard that looking at certain stuff on the computer can make you go blind ... but this blood is something else !

                            Best wishes and hope you get well soon.



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                              Take care THRUD, last year I went blind in one eye and it scared the hell right out of me, seems a chip of plaque or some such went up the main artery in the neck and went into the eye instead of continuing on up to the brain which would have probably had dire after effects, have regained a lot of the vision back, so hope the same goes for you. We all will definitely miss your wisdom while you are recovering. Keep us posted if you can.