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  • o/t excel assistance

    someone quite a while back showed how to make excel do a run of numbers down the "a" column adding the first number to each number as it goes down the column. . . starting with 1.5 and adding that to the second number for the third, etc. . . . 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 etc to reach 360. . . . for scribing marks on my new wheel on my rotab.
    would they please enlighten me again. . its too much to do by hand for this old dude. .

    thanks very much.

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    enter 1.5 in cell A1
    enter the following in A2: =A1+1.5
    click on A2.
    with the mouse grab the little square corner (click and hold) of the box around the cell and drag in down, this copies the foruma down as many you'd like
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      or, put '0' in row 1, '1.5' in row 2, select both, then grab the little handle that appears in the lower right and drag it down the page.

      or, put '1.5' in A1, and =a1+$A$1 in A2. Select A2 and drag it down. The '$' signs mean 'absolute reference' and are useful for colunm and row values when making tables. On row 10, the formula will be something like =A9+A1.


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        awsome ! i did it.

        THANK YOU'SE !