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  • oil for excello mill

    I have taken the head apart on my excello 602 mill. The upper case has the two speed gear box ( back gear ) and uses A.G.M.A#5EP oil. I'll have to look that up, it had 90WT in it when i took it apart.
    Now for the lower gear box or head with the quill and power down feeds, the manual does not list or specify what kind of oil to use. It was packed completely full of axle grease by some previous person, it has been apart before. There are no seals on any of the shafts so light oils are out. Anyone got any suggestions.

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    I use Mobil SHC 600 synthetic gear oil on my Excello, which matched the oil recommendation in the manual.

    I've heard that since Cincinatti-Milacron bought out the remains of Excello, they'll tell folks you can use ATF. But if you're going to do that, you probably want to drain and purge the gear oil that's in the head.
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      I have already cleaned the upper case and replaced two bearings, one bearing was installed with the unsealed side facing up into the draw bar ( input shaft ) tube and was full of crud. The agma#5 is very similar to 90 wt from what i can tell. My question has to do with the gear box for the quill down feed, it was packed with thick axle grease and i don't think this is what should be in there.