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  • Belt sander backing

    Hi, I recently bought a cheapo $180 belt sander/disk sander combo, and was considering some improvements, one is a new backing for the belt as the current one is just well, the painted frame of the belt sander, and its allready showning signs of wear with just a little sanding.

    So, what can one use as a good backing for belt sanders belts?
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    If you can find it. Ceran the material used in "glass" stove tops. Takes the heat and wear.


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      Belt Sander Backing

      A couple of abrasive suppliers also sell a self-adhesive, woven. graphite impregnated fabric expressly for backing the platen. I think Royce Sales is one. They sell at all the wood shows. Duffy
      Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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        I use a fully hardened piece of A2 steel on my PLATEN. I make them with screw holes in their corners,countersunk on both sides. I can turn them over when one side gets a recess in it.

        The cast iron platen on my Wilton square wheel belt grinder doesn't take long to get a hollow spot worn just over the tool rest.

        Graphite pads will also get a worn spot.


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          x2 that graphite platen pads suck.
          Cast iron sounds good.
          Tool steel sounds like the best.



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            The graphite fabric pads that most sander manufacturers use is from PEC.


            Excellent product.

            Beware the cheap knockoffs.
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