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    Just thought some one may enjoy this.

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    Yep, Lindsay is a good source and have bought books from them since the 1970's.
    It's only ink and paper


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      Yep ... great resource.

      Someone recently had a link to download a copy of "Text-Book of Advanced Machine Work" by Robert Henry Smith. I quickly decided it was worth having as an addition to my library and Lindsay had it for $29.95.

      I had ordered from them in the past and got excellent service and liked what I got.

      Thanks for spreading the word. I want them to be around for a long time to supply me/us with other older reprints.


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        Great books, but a very poor web site WITHOUT a shopping cart.

        In this day and age it is pretty rare to find a site where you have to order without a shopping cart. It is not hard to do, but it would also not be hard for them to fix/create so that it could be a bit more updated for ordering.

        Keeping a cut and paste list of item numbers and descriptions to paste into a separate ordering box would be fine for the late 80s but not now.

        I'm sure that it would even lead to increased sales.
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