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Rockwell Belt Sander Help Needed

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  • Rockwell Belt Sander Help Needed

    I was out of work for the past three monts with a severe foot infection. Foot infections and diabetes do not go together so well but it finally healed and I am back at school.

    That much time out means tons of things to catch up on, fix, or repair! Kids are relentless!

    Some how the tension adjustment on our Rockwell belt sander got buggered and I am trying to figure out how to fix it.

    The unit in question is a Rockwell catalog number 31-501 and the serial
    # is DB-8969

    I sure could use a manual for this beast as I am having no luck visualizing how the top roller tension mechanism works.

    I walked over to the carpentery shop to look at theirs but they are so heavily guarded and shielded I will have to do a major dis-assembly to see what I need.

    Your help locating a manual will be greatly appreciated!
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

    YouTube channel:

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    Try the site.


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      See if you can find a model that matches yours at:

      Delta would come up with different model numbers for each variation of a machine. Motor bigger? Different model number. No stand? Another model number. etc etc.

      if that fails, send a message to the Delta support people.

      They can send you an owners guide and parts diagram via email.


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        I have a 6" rockwell sander. Only advice I can give is to take the pressure off the side bolt, then play with the handle sticking out of the back first to set the tension. (On mine the action is not smooth, so there has to be some "jiggling", then you move back to the bolt hanging off the right side to set the tracking.