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    Does anyone have the book called "Advanced Machine Works" by Robert Smith? Just wondering if It's a book worth investing in! Wes

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    If you can get it at a good price -Yes, otherwise probably not.

    On the plus side it covers just about everything that was done in 1925 when it came out, it's a how to book, not a text book so the way it is written is geared to "follow the instructions and git'er done" not a good learning read. Still not a bad book but geared to shop production not an HSM type shop.

    If you are looking for a good teaching book then "Machine Shop Practice 2 volumes by Karl Moltrecht 1971" is a good set, geared for teaching, newer, more relevant to today and a lot easier to follow. Published by the Industrial Press.

    Both books are probably available on the web so you could have a look at them and decide.
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      Yes sir , I have that book. Although somewhat antique tools and methods the book is excellent. Plenty of lathe and mill work plus grinding and most all machine shop work explained and many good pictures too. JIM


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        Yes, I have the book, but in all honesty I have not looked at it some time. Published in 1925, some of the information is dated, but almost all the rest is timeless in nature.

        I would imagine it being used as a complete machinist training manual as it goes from basic issues like shifting a drive belt between pulleys to complex machine set-ups or even diffraction grids! Packed with information, it's a great book for a beginner, or intermediate, at a great price.

        I'd buy it again.



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          I have it. I like it. I have gotten some really good info from it.


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            Thank you gentlemen, there is a seller on e-bay that is selling a new edition of this book, (5) available, for $24.99 and I wasn't sure if this was something I might want as I could not find it being offered by any of the bigtime machinery catalogs-MSC- and others, so I was just wondering. Wes


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              Take a look at this


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                It's a great book, IMHO. Lindsay's reprint is a very old edition. Try to get the 1945 edition, which was greatly modernized. Focuses on HSS instead of carbon steel cutting tools, for example, covers carbide tools, etc.
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                  Great book.