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  • Mill skirt

    I have a bridgeport clone. The skirt between the table and the column is missing. What could I use? Thank you in advance

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    my real bridgy has flat leather well oiled to be sure. . . . . pretty indistructable .


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      My wife picked me up some "oilcloth" at the local fabric shop....I use that on my mill.



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        I use a rag held in place with magnets. I have also used a peice of an old shower curtin.
        John R


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          I used a belt of off a tread mill.


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            I think MSC sells Neoprene replacements. Or you can just buy some sheet Neoprene, somewhat more cheaply, and cut your own.
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              Or you could skin an armadillo;

              Paul Compton


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                Enco has a complete set for a Bridgeport or similar mill. I bought one last year with covers for front and back of the saddle for my new to me Webb. It has stainless steel strips pre-drilled to connect to the machine. It was something like $59.00 (US).

                It fits beautifully.


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                  Just made a new one for my mill after wearing out the other one:

                  I'm just using Home Depot shower pan liner, which is a nice supple rubber-like material.

                  To hold it in place, I am using some magnetic plates:

                  The magnets match up on both plates. They stick to the machine, and they pinch the rubber between each other. If something grabs, they just pop loose before anything tears. I'm using little neodymium magnets like you get on ebay for cheap. They're Loctited into an aluminum bracket.

                  Quick and easy. I'm thinking of making some more such clamps. They'd be good to use to cover the lathe ways if I have to do some grinding, for example.



                  Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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                    Just let your column fill up with chips.
                    That will dampen chatter.