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  • QCTP Holder Set Screws

    I just purchased some additional QCTP tool holders from CDCO (btw, they all fit great with no modification). Even though the socket set screws in the CDCO holders are actually better than the socket set screws in my old Phase II holders, they are still poor quality. So I'm going to replace all of them.

    So my question is, cup point or flat point?

    The existing screws are all cup point, but those mar the tooling (particularly indexable holders), even though the existing screws are neither hard nor sharp. Any reason not to use quality flat point screws?

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    We replaced all the "import" screws on the tool holders at school
    with US made Socket Head Cap screws with (nominally) flat ehds.
    They have been holding bits for many years now. Also put a large
    "T" handle (allen) wrench at each lathe.


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      It really don't matter about cup or flat but I machine the OD down to the bottom of the thread for about 1/8" back from the end. That keeps the screw from mushrooming and not being able to get it out.

      I prefer the cup point but either will work but they all mushroom over time and can't be removed.
      It's only ink and paper


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        I used these


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          Originally posted by ScottM

          I think these M8 for for the AXA holders. THe BXA take M10


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            Had the same thing, a bunch of CDCO holders needing quality setscrews. I went with flat end type and have had no problems. I don't like the cup point cutting into my tools either.


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              I have bought 10 CDCO holders in two shipments in the last year. The last group of 4 had excellent set screws. I bought a box of set screws with flat bottoms from ?McMaster-Carr for the earlier bunch.

              For $10 for a BXA holder I can't complain.


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                I use dog point set screws because the don't mar or chew up the tooling.

                Got'em from Fastenal.


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                  I don't mind the marks on the tooling, I just want it to stay in the holder.
                  It's only ink and paper


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                    I just chucked up my replacement set screws and turned the ends. No big deal.