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  • Chuck Jaws Conversion

    I may be getting ahead of myself here...

    I am currently bidding on a Union Manufacturing Company 6" 3-Jaw Chuck on ebay, I am considering doing some changes to it.

    The Union Manufacturing Chuck has solid one piece jaws, and I want to replace them, or modify, with two piece, tongue and groove, jaws. Want to be able to switch from outside jaws to inside, or use aluminum soft jaws for custom turnings.

    Have this been done, or does anyone knows of a supplier to enable an conversion ?


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    Sometimes the single piece jaws are more narrow as compared to the two piece, bolt on jaws. The jaws are also going to be very hard. Better to buy the chuck you desire than try and modify. Bison is good price and excellent quality. Buying any chuck on ebay always tends to be a crap shoot, unless it is new. Even then, new Chinese chucks might not be so good, but many are not bad at all. If you buy a Chinese chuck with two piece jaws, you can still use soft top jaws, bore them, and end up with a nice concentric grip. But like I say, I do like Bison, as do many members here. A new Bison is pretty much going to be as good as you are going to find.

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      I agree with Doozer...

      You need to check the availability of jaws for the chuck in question. Some chucks can go either way - some never had the option and two-piece jaws are not available.

      MSC has a big range of jaws. Call them with the chuck model and serial number. Maybe they can help.


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        Of course no matter how many jaws you find for sale any of them must be ground to that particular chuck.


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          I suspect you'll face wasted time and money trying to get that Union chuck to accept two piece jaws. Even a $150 import is likely to have better fitting and operating two piece jaws after you've spent weeks trying to find or grind two-piece jaws for the Union.


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            I have to agree with the others, your wasting your time and money and the idea may not even work.

            Buy a chuck with the replaceable jaws if that is what you want.
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