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Blake indicator is "tight"...advice?

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  • Blake indicator is "tight"...advice?

    Hi folks,

    I purchased a Blake indicator on ebay. It is cosmetically in good condition but I would describe the rotation as "tight" and I feel like it should rotate very freely. Am I correct? I considered tearing down for a cleaning but I'm not sure how to get it apart. It seems like you would have to remove what looks to be a rivet that attaches the block where you screw in the feeler in order to slide the shaft out. I tried dripping a little bit of light oil on the bushings but that didn't seem to help. Thoughts?

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    Originally posted by DaHui
    Did you remove the storage ring? Does the friction remain if you force the actuator away from the body of the instrument? At that point the only friction would be the shaft in it's bushings, and the indicator probe inside the body.

    I'd be inclined to press the pin out of the shaft and disassemble it. Mark the bits so it goes back the same as it came apart.


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      No storage ring that I can tell. I can push the shank up and down so the spindle is free. It looks like the rivet is rounded over on both ends...not a I was wondering if there was some other way to disassemble it. Maybe just old grease causing it to bind but I still need to take it apart in that case.


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        The rotation has some resistance due to the spring loading. The shaft cannot be spun by snapping it with the fingers. Blake recommends returning to them for service. They will refurbish the unit for a fixed fee.

        There is nothing magic about them, but I would hesitate before dismantling. If it has been lubed with the wrong oil and it has congealed, a flush with light oil, lighter fluid or alcohol will remove it. Relube with a good instrument oil such as Starrett oil. I would try light oil first.
        Jim H.