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    Even if you are using the old Notepad the character limit is much higher than the post limit, which is 10,000 characters. The old Notepad was 16 bit and could only count to 65536 while the new Notepad is 32 bit and can count to 4,294,967,296. Should be enough for most postings.

    I decided to find an easy way to avoid the $%(&^$$& escape key problem. The easy way is to remap the keyboard to put the escape key where it can't be easily pressed.

    First I found this very small and free program to remap the keyboard one key at a time any way you want. You can use this to move the Caps-Lock key too.

    To use the program you select the key you want to change and then from the drop down list you choose what key you want it to be. Then do the same for the key you just assigned and you will have exchanged the keys. Then click the save setting box and restart the computer to activate the changes. You can reset the changes any time with the same program.

    I assigned Escape to Scroll Lock as it is much harder to hit by mistake and I never use it for anything. I then assigned Scroll Lock to the escape key. If you hit escape by accident it will just activate scroll lock which will not cause any problem anywhere in Windows. It doesn't even stop scrolling except in DOS. Just hit Escape again to turn it off.
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      I havent read the entire thread so someone may have suggested this already.

      If you are banging away on a laptop or notebook, go to control panel and click on mouse and uncheck the box that allows mouse pad and a second mouse to be active at the same time. It sounds to me like you are experiancing what I went through where your thumb brushes the pad, sends the cursor into lala land along with the copy you just typed. Drove me nuts for quite awhile to I realized what was happening.

      If you aren't using a notebook, laptop or netbook then disregard everything I've said
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