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Trying out new lead melter

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    ME LIKE CANNON.... Several years ago, I made up a mold for 8oz cannonball sinkers. Seems like my buddys were losing plenty when we were Salmon fishing.[not that I ever lost any] Looks like I need to build a shooter for 'em, since I'm already set up to make cannon fodder......

    Thanks for the insperation. How about a few loading details, like powder charge, patch lube, primer, etc???

    Thanks, TC
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      Originally posted by winchman
      You might want to read this:

      "...slight changes in nervous system function and muscle and joint pain can occur. High levels of lead exposure have been associated with memory and concentration problems, extreme tiredness, reproductive problems, kidney failure and even coma or death..."

      Sounds like old age.

      If you are working around lead, a diet rich in calcium is said to mitigate exposure. I did a machine installation in a radiator plant years ago. Everyone wore lead monitor badges. Any overexposure detected, immediately go to the cafeteria and have a glass of milk. Calcium enriched orange juice also. It's chelation therapy. The lead bonds with the calcium and and is excreted.
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        High levels of lead exposure have been associated with memory and concentration problems

        The lead bonds with the calcium and and is excreted.

        I wonder if this is where the truth of "Shït for brains" came from?

        OK I'll get me coat.


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          My son was a maintenance machinist at an Exide battery factory. Everyone wore the monitors and keeping the place clean was important but they still had overdoses and had to take medication for it. He finally changed jobs and has cleaned his body as best as can be of the lead problem.

          I doubt you'll have much problems casting lead bullets or cannon balls in an open ventilated area and no more than you would be doing it.
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            Here is a lead melt pot that I build out of 1/8" stainless steel. It is bottom pour. It will hold a 5 gallon bucket of wheel weights. It will hold about 2.5 gallons of wheel weights before they are melted then after they melt it holds a whole 5 gallons.

            I built a 2 piece mold for my cannon. The nose bullet part had a thread in the back end. The other mold cast the a thread plug with fins. The bullet nose has a hole so I can press in a small pistol primer. Put in a primer, fill hollow bullet with black powder, screw in the plug/fin with epoxy glue on the threads. I can shoot them like artillery shells. The go several miles and explode when they hit. If I replace the small pistol primer with a percussion primer they are much more sensitive they explode if they hit tall weeds or grass. I don't have my cannon, mold or lead pot anymore sold it years ago. The law has changed anything over .500" bore is illegal now.

            Here is a small mold for 12 guages exploding slugs. Sold this too many years ago. It was a lot of fun to shoot.


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              Black powder cannons are exempt from the over .50 cal law.