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    Ach!!! Here in greater Negley, Ohio, County of Columbiana and in the southeastern corner of Middleton Township the snow is bunghole deep to a short meteorologist. About 22" snowfall here generally have been shoveling our way out to the tractor in another building, omly to find tractor has a blown fuse and will not start.

    Have fell on my a$$ hard once and that's not the worst of it, have 3 American Eskimo dogs, you know them 30-40 some pounds white Spitz, if only they were black, we could find them in the yard. Nothing but ears and tails above snow.

    Those of you in similar or worse snow problems hope you all have still got power, we still do. Be safe, take care and don't shovel too damn hard.

    P.S. Negley is the center of the known universe right now we claim Pittsburgh, Pa., Wheeling, W Va., Steubenville, Youngstown, Cleveland . Akron and Canton as only suburbs today, as we is snowed in.


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    Yep, same with us here just east of Columbus. Spend at least three hours today several hours yesterday shoveling our way out of it all. It is winter but it is not much fun having to shovel for so long ... cuts into the shop time you know!

    We lost power for 12 hours over night and then again today a couple of times. Really need to do something about a generator ...
    "Work hard. Tell everyone everything you know. Close a deal with a handshake. Have fun!"

    -- Harold "Doc" Edgerton


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      Hmm, maybe you should come North to Canada as it was 49f and sunny in my yard today. Haven't seen snow since before Christmas and only an inch or so then.

      If it wasn't done the hard way, I didn't do it.

      British Columbia


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        60 here today.. Bummer.. I have a seasons pass and the skiing sucks so bad I haven't even been up yet. Warmest January on record; warmer then Tallahassee.


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          Here in NH I have three inches of solid ice in my yard. 22 degrees today, shirt sleeve weather. I can see grass in many places, thinking golf this early!

          For the last five years we had about four feet on the ground at this time.

          The "storm of the century" has missed us.
          CCBW, MAH


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            I have a brother near DC/Dulles airport. He spent most of this morning blowing and shoveling 27" of snow. I remember those days from the time I spent in NE Ohio. Can't say I miss it. It was 65 here today. Would be mowing the grass but it was still wet from the rain a few days ago. We'll be ready to start planting here soon.