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    Well, guess I'll bite the bullet, the old saw isn't worth the effort, as it has a rather small capacity, and dosn't run vertically.
    I've narrowed it down to the HF 4 x 6, which is up to $250 now, but I don't want the bigger motor cause I'm off the grid here, have to be a little frugal with power, and 1 hp taxes it too much for something a smaller motor will do.
    Then there's the Jet 5x6 for $400, has better capacity, a 1/2 hp motor, and I expect better quality.
    The one I have my eye on though is the craftsman 5 x 6 horizontal, with a 1/3 hp motor that I expect will run it fine.
    I've called a couple stores, but cant find out yet if it will go to the upright position like the others do. It's sold as a horizontal, no table. It looks like it has the same pivot as the others, I could make a bracket, and table easy enough. And I expect a mid range quality. $315 splits the difference cost-wise for me too.
    Anyone here have this saw, or used one?
    Thanks, Russell
    edit: BTW, here's a link to the craftsman page, with a zoomable pic. Maybe sombody could look at the pivot point,and guides, and tell me how it compares to their machine.
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    I just got a sales flyer from Harbor Freight and that Bandsaw is on sale right now for $189.99.It was $249.99.I think the sale ends Feb.25. Find one of those 20% coupons out of a magazine and get that off of the sale price for even more savings.


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      Thanks for the heads up on price, mike. The 1 hp motor still throws me off that one, unless I could put my 1/2 hp in it's place, rather not have to start messing with it off the get go. Checked ENCO, and their 5 x 6 has a 1/3 hp motor and is on sale for $220. Guess I'll see what the freight costs are, it has a 1 year warranty, and I've been pretty pleased with their sales, and service.


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        I do not know the exact figure but I expect a 1 HP motor doing 1/2 HP work would only use a very little more than a 1/2HP motor doing the same job.


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          There's a pretty good chance HF have been overestimating the power of their motor, it might not actually be more than 1/2HP anyway.


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            If HF was closer, they'd see more of me, I'm sure, but it's a hour and a half drive over there, then I'm in the big town. My budget always gets shot to h*ll when I go over there.
            I'm leaning to enco now, looking through the catalog now
            When I'm in my shop I have ammeters on my power system that I watch for actual draw out of the batteries, and loads at 120ac. The best motors for me to use, if I'm just going from an open mount to a pulley have been old skil 77s
            All I'm really concerned with is how much juice is going into the batteries from my hydro, and solar, and how much for how long I pull out. Just running, with no load a 1hp is pulling over 100 amps, at 12v. a 1/2 is closer to 80, and dosnt jump up under load the way bigger motors do.
            There's something to the difference in how universal motors (skil saws, lunchbox planer) and cap. or split phase work too. Wish I understood it better.
            I have skill 77 motors on the tablesaw, and the jointer, and they give me plenty of power, for less draw than the 1 hp motors I pulled off them.
            Course if I want power, have a miller welder/generator, and a couple of diesel engine options.

            having a 14 hp hydraulic system on hand opens some possibilities for repowering tools, not to mention using flow control valves for smooth variable speed control.
            Well, here we go. My threads always get as sidetracked as my projects.
            What were we talking about?


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              Except for a couple of minor changes, the Craftsman looks just like the HF model I just assembled last week. There is a 20% off coupon in the American Rifleman Mag along with the sale price of 189 makes it 151 bucks.