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Thrud's gonna love this!

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  • Thrud's gonna love this!

    Maybe a new Linux user?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    "it wasn't a piece of cake but it wasn't hard"
    "fully up by the second day"

    I hate to say this but Gates got filthy rich by bringing computing to the masses. Not the hardware but the system were by you didn't have to be a complete geek to get any thing done. Lets face it how many people have any idea what all the file extension mean. And if Linux becomes more popular as open source it will be hacker and virus heaven. Just like MacOS would be if Apple hdn't dropped the ball. Is Windows perfect? Nor by a long shot but face it. It is the standard right now.

    PS I think a lot of the virus writers are Linux nazis anyway
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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      I had heard that the Japanese where working on their own OS,like their cars they will probibly be smaller and more efficent.
      I just need one more tool,just one!