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  • Rotary Table Disassembly Help

    I've got a 12 inch table that has no name on it other than PM riveted to it. It's been sitting for 20 years and will not turn at all in the freewheel or handwell modes. I'm hoping the grease is just dried out and making it stuck. I undid the big nut at the bottom of the table and was expecting to be able to pull the top right off it. But no go. Any clue how what appears to be a generic heavy duty rotary table comes apart?

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    To remove the table, the worm gear will need to be disengaged. The method of accomplishing this varies among different manufacturers. A photo would help.

    Absent that, spritzing WD40 in various crevices and joints and working things back & forth usually helps in freeing up congealed lubricant. The handwheel will withstand moderate forces, and there is nothing that will be damaged by the poor lubricity of the WD40.
    Jim H.


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      I had a similar problem with mine. Jim is right, disengaging the worm will simplify the process. On mine the worm shaft runs through an eccentric spindle. The handle located behind the indexing plate in this photo is turned clockwise to disengage the worm.

      Also, carb cleaner does a good job of dissolving dried out grease, but it will also strip paint.


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        Once you get the worm disengaged, you may want to see about removing the table from the base. If it's like mine... Turn it over, and you will probably see a castle nut in the center with a locking tab, on the end of the center shaft. Unlock the nut, unscrew it, and the base and table ought to come apart. Keep an eye out for table locks, loose bearings, and shims, but it's basically dead simple.
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          I didn't get too far this morning with trying to take the worm gear out. Got the handle and dials off and now I have a threaded ring with tiny spanner holes to remove. So I will have to make a wrench to get that out next.