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8" rotary table with a tight spot needs to fix.

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  • 8" rotary table with a tight spot needs to fix.

    If I snug the lock on my rotary table so it is a bit tight and does not wiggle when I drill a hole or mill a slot it turns each with 1 hand for 1/2 a turn then it starts getting extremely tight. I can turn it with 1 hand until it gets to the tight spot then I have to use both hands and it is all I can do to turn it with both hands. It gradually gets tighter and tigher then it gradually gets looser and looser then runs smooth again for 1/2 turn. If the lock is not snugged a little the table cranks easy all 360 degrees around. I assume the only problem is the lock device is running through a HIGH and LOW area that makes it crank hard and easy. I need to fix this I have been using the rotary table a lot. I need some help of fixing this I am not sure where to start or what to do???
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    Sounds like there is a bent shaft in there. Could also be some sort of galled surface causing the problem. Either way, you will probably need to take it apart to find the problem.


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      Uh, I don't think the lock on a rotary table is to be used as a gib.
      I thought it was to lock the table to prevent it from moving when doing heavy cuts on an angle, or drilling/etc.. hence its name 'lock'

      Infact im pertty sure this is why I have a very expensive very heavy phase II rotary table.. Just incase I ever get around to using it (to insure there was little or no play without it having to be locked down)
      But yea.. I allways thought with a rotary table you where just supposed to conventional mill (to prevent backlash biting you in the ass) and ignore the backlash in the table?

      If you really insist on abusing the locks as such, might I recommend.. adjusting them as you rotate the table insted of striping your poor tables gears by yarding on it with a 2' breaker bar?
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        Are you referring to the actual table locks, or the lock that keeps the worm gear adjustment from moving? The only rotory table I have used that didn't do that was a very expensive one.. All of the phase II tables that I have used do this to some extent or another.
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          The fix is to loosen the lock. Its rubbing against a diameter that is not perfectly true. Guessing its off about .001 ... This would make it bind right up.

          It took me more time to write this than it'll take you to loosen it every time before rotating the table!!