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What to Do With Collets and End Mill Holders, etc.

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  • What to Do With Collets and End Mill Holders, etc.

    For the past few years, I've had all of my R8 collets and end mills and the like in a file cabinet. Since I got a large mill, I find myself wanting to have them handy. I've seen all sorts of methods for doing that and here's what I did.

    I got two 12" aluminum mystery disks (6061-T6?) from a local metal surplus store and drilled holes every 24 degrees to make 15 spots in two circles on each. The disks are separated by some delrin spacers that I had lying around that slide onto a 5/8-11 all-thread rod that was given to me.

    I turned one end of the rod down to 1/2" to fit into some bronze bushings. These mount into 1" tube with 3/4" ID and act as a hub so that the unit will rotate. This gives me 60 places to put collets, end mill holders and anything else with an R8 fitting on it.

    The heavy items that are seldom used got hung upside down with 7/16-20 bolts and washers into the drawbar thread. The whole unit rotates very smoothly and easily with one hand so that I can take what I need.

    Since I built this last week, I got in a new set of 13 R8 collets from 1/8" to 7/8" from CDCO. They are very nice-looking indeed and I have more than enough room to hang them on my lazy Susan unit.

    The unit is secured to the left side of the DRO mount with two bolts. I hung the DRO mount onto the large threaded lifting hole in the top of the ram. I don't like drilling holes when I don't have to.

    I hope this gives someone an idea as to what to do with collets and the like. Total cost was about $8.00 for the two disks. The rest of the items were all in my scrap area.

    Here's a picture.


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    I like it. That looks good. I have one of the small commercial holders that mounts at an angle. I leave cutters in it and the heavy ones allways rotate to the bottom. I may have to try that. Thanks for posting the photos.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX