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OT: It was a wild ride and not much fun - 2 surgeries!

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  • OT: It was a wild ride and not much fun - 2 surgeries!

    Been missing awhile------

    Just before Christmas I started having some pretty strong angina attacks. What with the holidays and Drs office gonna be closed, he sends me some 'nitro' pills and sets an appt for monday after xmas. The nitro would knock the angina that I would get 2-3 times a day very well, so I waited til the appt.

    Go in and have a talk with dr and pretty quickly he says we need to do a 'cath'' and see what is going on (I fully agreed!!!) and sets it up for following morn.

    Its afternoon before get finished and back in room and dr is saying its way more obstruction than he expected and didnt even want me to go home and to stay over. Said he would get a surgeon and a operating room asap. So next morn I went in/under. Some hrs later I'm coming around and hear surgeon telling the wife that he did a quadruple bypass procedure, but that I didnt have a "heart attack" and that my heart was undamaged -- that was good!!

    Six days pass and I'm feeling pretty good when I start having strong stomach pains, after several hours of "oh, its gas" take some malox and it should pass --- my heart surgeon happens by and asks a couple questions and pokes on the stomach area and says 'I dont like this" and starts barking orders to the nurses to get a G I dr and set up xrays, etc. After the next couple hrs the gi dr comes in and says hes gonna have to go in and see what is going on... Next thing I know, I'm coming awake again to hear the surgean telling my wife that I had a perforated bowel and the cavity having a lot of nasty stuff in it and that he had taken about 12" of bowel out and gave me a colostomy bag!. He would reverse the procedure in 6-8 wks and I wouldnt keep the bag --whew!! That heart surgeon very possibly could have saved my life by happening along when he did!!

    So then my pulse rate starts going crazy, would jump from 50's to 170's. They keep saying this is 'normal' in by pass surgery, but the way those nurses were scurrying around I was having some doubts about that! They get some medicine - amiodarone - and it starts settling down. I go home after 17 days and after a few days at home, get badly nauseated, end up back in hosp trying to get nausea stopped, turns out that drug to regulate pulse is one potent medicine! and... one of the top side effects is --- yep, nausea, and that it can take some time to get out of your system. Course, I stopped taking it... but even now after some 10 days I will still get a little queasy now and then.

    I lost so much ground from the second surgery and the days of nausea that I am not nearly along as far as I should be with the by pass, so looks like I wont make the usual 6 or so wks of recovery...

    But I do feel decent enough to start keeping up with the board here some what.

    Bill Pace
    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........

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    geez Bill what a thing to happen at Christmas. I am glad to hear your home and recovering. Do what it takes to heal and don't let reading the posts get your blood pressure up.
    It's only ink and paper


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      Man....That's quite a ride as you said.
      Sometimes I view the medical community as nothing more than "People Mechanics" but then I realize that when you need 'em - you need 'em.
      Glad to hear you're recovering.
      Lache Pas La Patate!


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        Hang in there, it gets better. Four years ago I had a heart valve implant from a freeking pig! It took a while, but it does get better.


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          Bill, sorry to hear about your problems! I also have had colon explosion and all the fine colostomy bag and heart bypass surgery but not at the same time. I definately feel for you. Recouping from either one is no fun, but both at once? good luck to you JIM


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            Wow, Bill, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!! You must have the lives of a cat!

            Welcome back and get well soon.



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              Here's wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery for the rest of the way!
              Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                That is one hell of a Christmas present Bill

                A new lease on life could just be the very best gift.
                So, here is to the next 20 or 30 years (raises glass).
                I am wishing you a speedy recovery also - no pun intended.


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                  Bill, sorry to hear of your health challenges. I've noticed your absence lately but just figured you & Lane were cooking up another astounding machine build/repair/restore thread to dazzle us'ns with. Turns out the machine you wuz re-build'n wuz YOU!

                  Take it really easy and get yourself good and strong. We need you around here but can hold on 'til you get good & well.

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                  "The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion." G. K. Chesterton


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                    Wow! It just goes to show how things can get real serious real quickly. All of us "older dogs" can relate to your situation. Best wishes for a steady and full recovery.
                    Jim (KB4IVH)

                    Only fools abuse their tools.


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                      Glad that you have got that sorted, It wasnt nice, The skill of the surgical team certainly pulled you through, The surgeon passing your bed when you took the colon pain, was a blessing, I think you have a guardian angel looking over you
                      Take care of yourself & get well, We will all be thinking of you


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                        Originally posted by DICKEYBIRD
                        Take it really easy and get yourself good and strong. We need you around here but can hold on 'til you get good & well.
                        Yeah... all that ^^^^^^^^^^
                        x 10

                        Take the time, and do yourself a favor for a change.


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                          Yep, open heart is no fun, Had the same op as JTToner and it took a while to get back to fully functioning. That was five years ago and still ticking. Hope you fully recover Bill and get back in the shop. Best medicine for me. Peter
                          The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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                            Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I've had a few operations in the past few years. All good now. It sounds like you will be also.

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                              hey, what they say. . . . hell getting old in some respects. but then again..
                              best of luck.