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Interesting LED Light from Home Depot

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  • Interesting LED Light from Home Depot

    They had a large display of "Recharagable" LED shop lights aprox 6" X 8" panel with a tilt Base like those on Halogen shop lights. The recharge cord was plugged in so that doesn't seem to make much sense. With fairly high ambient light I really could not tell how much these were putting out. At $60 they seem expensive. The halogens seem to burn bulbs and bases so they are not a particularly good value although they do put out good light. The LED's are coming they just need to get their design right.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    What section of Home Despot did you see them in? I'm heading there this afternoon for something else.



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      Mark: They were in a big in the isle display in the lighting section. Being disabled getting up and down narrow isles is frustraiting, but they certainly get your attention.
      Byron Boucher
      Burnet, TX


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        The prices here for LED lighting are a giant ripoff. They are currently priced at the early adopter level which is for people that don't care how much they cost. The selection here in North America is miserable and represent only a tiny fraction of what is being made.

        Here is an example of what is available from just one manufacturer in China, which is where they are all made. This manufacturer will sell to the public and for some bulbs they have very reasonable minimum orders. A bulb that sells here for $50 is 6 dollars each in a quantity of 11.

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          Evan wrote...."A bulb that sells here for $50 is 6 dollars each in a quantity of 11."

          Generally true...
          I went into AutoZone and was looking at the auto led bulb replacements....
          Priced outrageously. But what I was actually in there for was a pack of "red" scotchbrite type abrasive pads...... they had "it". One(1) little pad on a hanging card for over three bucks! I have to say, the floor guy there agreed when I said.."what the fu..?"
          John M...your (un)usual basement dweller


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            Heh, thats nothing, the $6 is STILL a ripoff for a standard automotive LED bulb replacement, I mean by now they have to be being made in the tens of thousands.. or would at least if priced properly.

            LEDS are pennys a peice. And what else is there? a couple 2 cent resistors, some epoxy (likey the most expensive part!), and a small stamped metal peice for the terminals.

            You can get GOOD white leds for $0.50 each quanity 1
            And those are not even the cheapest leds, and allready shiped from china.
            Quanity 1000: 27 cents.
            What do you think the manufacturers pay? likey less then 10 cents an led.
   Heres some that are 19 cents quanity 500.

            Of course, if you buy an led with a 'built in ($0.02) resistor', the price instantly jumps to about $1~2 per led, just because they are generaly sold to automotive people who are not sure how to calculate what resistor to use.

            How about LED backlit tv's? that adds another $1000~2000 onto the price!
            Mainly because they don't use $3 CCFL inverters that are basicly guarenteed to burn out within 4 years. (Don't think its just $3 at the heart of your new $2000 bigscreen? Typical CCFL inverter: )
            Note the lack of anything remotely resembleing any kind of protection components or intelligence. Same circuit for the past 10+ years and they STILL have not figured out how to make one last. Surreee.
            PS: LEDs are not forever, all you have to do is look at the new LED stoplights to find a few burnt out ones. Rare but happens, especialy when your lamp manufacturer over drives them. (Also seen lots of stoplights with rectifyers blown and only doing half wave rectification, flicker city!)

            They stoped having lifetime warrentees on led xmas lights real quick noticed that? thats because they kept burning out within a few years. Oh, and they are molded into the string, so no way to replace them!
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              The six dollars is for a 360 lumen E27 base bulb for use in your house. That is a respectable amount of light and a decent price.
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