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  • Atlas parts list

    Can anybody tell me how to find out the size of my Atlas Lathe?
    The model # is TH54?
    The Ser. # 075916?
    Also how do I get a part list catalog?
    I have the manual of Lathe Operation and Machinists Tables,that came with the lathe.
    And a good book on Amateur Machinist how to run a Lathe,ect. E mail me anything that would help me out?

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    Measure from the center of the headstock spindle to the clearance over the carriage arms minus about a 1/16". In the US that will be half the swing (multiply by two to find the swing). Place a dead center in the headstock spindle and the tail stock, put the tail stock at the right most position not overhanging the end of the bed and measure between them. That is the length between centers.
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      the Th-54 swings slightly less than 12" over the bed. Call Clausing Service Center, 219 533 0371 for any other information you need.
      They are in Goshen, IN.


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        The TH54 is a Timken Bearing equipped 10" lathe with a 54" bed. It may may not be quick change as that was an option. It will swing 10" with about 36" between centers. The Timken bearing models were produced from the 40's, early 50's until the 60's when they came out with the heavier version.
        The Atlas Lathe book is one of the best manuals available for these machines. It is very comprehensive and easily understood.
        Clausing may be able to help with parts list etc, or I can mail a copy.
        Jim H.


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          Join the yahoo group

          [email protected]