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  • Another Photobucket thread

    Seems as though every week I read another thread about how Photobucket infects someone's computer here. I use Photobucket every single day on my XP based PC and have never had one single problem. I use Avast and a couple spyware removers, all of which are free, and have had 1 virus over the past 2 years. Google Chrome has worked flawlessly for me since the day it was released. I haven't used IE since.

    Also, I highly recommend using the System Recovery reformat feature (do not confuse with System Restore) on your harddrive to clean up your PC once a year. Just be sure to save your files, bookmarks, etc.

    There are thousands of websites that will infect your computer if you let them, but Photobucket is not one of them.

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    I can still use Photobucket although changes that they made recently have made it very difficult. They have literally packed the site with double the ads they had before.

    I know, I know, the standard account is free. Well, good luck trying to look at your photos anymore with all of the popups and ad boxes that come up.

    I have to go very carefully to use the site at all anymore. It's wise to keep your cursor on the extreme right hand margin so as to avoid the veritable mine field of ad popups.

    It's also much, much, much slower that before due to all of the dross that it now contains. I'll continue to use it until I can find something better. I had toyed with the idea of signing up for a paid account but not anymore. It's a joke the way it is now.

    I wrote them an email telliing then how hard it is to use and they wrote back and schmoozed me, thanking me for "my inquiry".



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      use It's easy and has a resize feature you select before you up lode. Just copy the link for message boards and past hear. No reason to open the img box and insert link there.


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        PhotoBucket doesn't, but the adverts can. Depending on where the ads come from, they can be malicious or perfectly benign. I treat them all the same and have a finely honed ad blocker built into my proxy/accelerator server. Pages load faster and I get none of the crap that infests the WWW. And I have a Mac which is not a target of interest to malicious ads. At least for the last 15 years, or so.


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          For those members with slow Photobucket: consider upgrading your memory. Anything less that 1gig of RAM is not going to cut it nowadays. has great prices, and spending $30 on another gig of RAM will DRAMATICALLY speed up your internet experience.