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PDF to DXF converter?

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  • PDF to DXF converter?

    Hi All,
    Sorry if this is a repeat. It seems to me that someone here had pointed to a good freeware converter that would take a PDF and convert into a DXF or DWG for editing in a CAD package. Try as I might, I can't seem to get the search right and find it.


    Thanks for any insight.


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    Google pdf2dxf. First hit:


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      I use pstoedit:
      Been around for 15 years or so.


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        Is doing that worth the effort?

        The few times I've tried that sort of import, there was so much work to clean up the import that I ended up re-drawing the part.

        Maybe I was doing it wrong..... or trying to be too perfect and get a 'real" cad drawing out of it....

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan


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          Thanks for the pointers, guys. Not sure why I could not seem to find those, my Google powers must have been waning yesterday. I'll give those a try. I have used one in the past, but that was a computer or two ago and I could not recall what it was called.

          JT - I do get what you are saying, and the few times I have done this before, I pretty much ended up redrawing them as well. But it did sort of get everything in approximate position and proportion, which is mostly what I need in this case. The absolute numbers are not so critical as everything sort of fitting together. The conversion gave me something I could basically "trace" my real drawing onto.

          Thanks again,