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"Lettering" bits (angled cutters)

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  • "Lettering" bits (angled cutters)

    In woodworking, there is a class of cutter called a lettering bit. It's basically a v shaped cutter that is used in a router to (either freehanded or with a template) cut letters or designs into wood.

    Does this exist for metalworking? Or am I limited to straight and round nosed bits? I'm having a lot of fun with my new CNC'd mill, making all sorts of dopey signs in wood with the lettering bits, but I'd like to try some in metal, and the round nose just look different. Thanks,


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    Yes. There are V tip milling cutters for vertical mills. Check out jandlindustrialsupply on the internet.


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      Yeah, they'r ecalled engraving cuttters. The ones I'm most familiar with are for Gorton engraving pantographs. They has a (guessing now) #0 or #1 B&S taper which is about 1/4 dia and 1" long. They have a single flute and can be free hand sharpened or modified very easily.

      If you wish to make a few engraving cutters start with used or broken small two flute cutters and grind away one flute while grinding back and clearancing the other flute to about 15 degrees so the center comes to a sharp or nearly sharp point. Don't lose the center. You don't want the edge to converge above or below the axis.


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        i do alot of engraving on my fadals, mostly serial numbers that change every part.
        we have used several different tools to do this.
        i have used small center drills, .125 x 45 degree single flute countersinks, and actual engraving tools that are like a half drill with a sharp point.

        all have worked in the past, your material and the amount of engraving your doing will determine tool life.

        we usually engrave our letters between .005 and .015 deep with .125 hieght.

        the fadal machines have an awesome engraving canned cycle that makes life simple and even cycles the numbers for me if they are in order.


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          I have used single flute countersinks for angle milling and grooving with good results so long as they are sharp and spun up fast.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Thanks, guys.



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              Hi I do alot of engraving at work also and the best tool I have found is a .125 90deg single flute spotting drill. It leaves beautifully cut symbols and is super cheap usually about 2 bucks for one , and that will do quite abit of engraving. It is also nice to use this as a cutter because you will know how wide the groove it is making by the depth that you choose to cut, example a .005 cut would make a .010 wide groove. Have fun and good luck. Mochinist


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                Micro 100 conical point split end blanks. Carbide, 60 degree, single or double end. I use these exclusively, they do the trick. Larger diameters available.

                Also known as single flute half round ebd mills, specify 60 degree point.

                In a pinch, I also use #1 and even #2 centerdrills, mostly #1 at .005 to .010 depth. Also work great.
                CCBW, MAH