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Snake Oil for Hydraulic Jack?

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  • Snake Oil for Hydraulic Jack?

    Picked up a hand palet jack at the boneyard. Replaced the piston seal and cleaned it out. Worked for a while but now it quickly leaks down. If it slowly leaked down I wouldn't mind but it doesn't give me time to run around and put blocks under the load. Anybody know of any snake oil "Overhauls Your Engine While You Drive!" for hydraulic jacks? Piston looks good, suspect ball check.

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    What is probably happening is the ball check valve in the pump circuit is not holding or it could be the the valve that opens to let the jack down. Try to reseat both of them and that should fix it. You can use a flat punch to tap the ball to make the seat fit and screw the dump valve in and tap the end of it to seat the tapered tip.
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      I think those snake oil products relie on just swelling up all your (rubber?) oil seals.

      I thought hydrolics usally used metal on metal seals because its like 3000+ psi?
      (correct me if im wrong)
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        I'd suggest you proceed with caution. The problem could be one or more of a number of things.

        If I understood you that 'it worked for awhile', I'd suspect that you may have some dirt or other foreigh matter in your valve that holds the pressure to hold up the load.

        If you did not flush and clean out the hyd system when you did your repairs, you may want to look here first.

        Good luck!

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          Thanks for the feedback. Was looking for and easier softer way but, as usual "Nothing works like work". Wouldn't mind so much if it were just a bottle jack but the jack is captive in some configuration of rat trap that doesn't like to be messed with. Sixteen degrees F this morning. Good day for and indoor project. Will implement suggestions.