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Ammco shaper vise is finished!

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  • Ammco shaper vise is finished!

    The Ammco shaper vise is finally finished!

    If you recall, I asked about material to use a couple months ago ( I ended up using ductile iron from Dura-Bar. They were very accommodating and welcomed my small order. Their minimum order is $50, which worked out to a 14" chunk of 2.25 x 4.25 ductile iron - enough for the main "casting," the moving jaw, and about 3" left over.

    The main casting started out at 25 pounds before machining and ended up at 5.5 pounds. The vise turned out well, but it was way more work than I had anticipated. Surprisingly, most of the work was in finishing, not in carving the big chunk of iron down to near finished size - so not having castings didn't add as much work as I thought it might have.

    Here are some photos:

    The last photo shows a wood mock-up I made first, and the left-over piece of iron.

    By the way, if anyone planning to make one of these vises wants the wood mock-up you're welcome to it. If I don't hear from anyone in a week or two it will probably become kindling.

    - Dave

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    ... and the wrench

    I also made a wrench, but the system wouldn't let me post more than 4 photos. So, here it is:

    - Dave


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      Looks good.
      Nice Job



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        That is a very nice job Dave. That ductile iron is mess to work with but it sure gives a nice finish. Are you going to use it or put it on the wall?


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          Good? it looks great.

          It's "too shiny to use" great.


          Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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            That is one nice piece of work Dave!


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              Beautiful work Dave!


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                That is a great looking project and you are to be congratulated for your workmanship. Keep it up!!


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                  Very impressive...


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                    Thanks for the compliments. Mickey, yes, I will definitely use the vise. I wasn't really looking for a shaper when I came across and bought this Ammco, and as is so often the case, the vise was missing. I mounted a heavy-duty drill press vise on a plate and have been using that until now.

                    The more I use the shaper the more I like it. It is really great for putting a nice finish on flat surfaces and for such a small machine, it's capable of fairly heavy cuts (and mostly unattended, which is great). Much of the work on the new vise was done on the shaper itself.

                    - Dave


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                      Damn nice job. I imagine every time you clamp something up in it you will appreciate all the patience it took to put it together. As the others have said, great job.
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                        Very impressive.


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                          Quite Lovely


                          It is very very nice.

                          I'd like to suggest starting a practice of marking as the maker of
                          the fine vice a way you etch or engrave your name, logo and the date.

                          It would be come a nice method to document your work.

                          Great job.

                          Look forward to more nice project from you in the future.



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                            I would say that you nailed it. As others have said, very impressive workmanship.

                            My nearly 70 year old vise looks very tired in comparison.



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                              Nicely done. Should give years of service if used.